U. S. Embassy Abuja- Request For Proposal For Renewal Of Licences


Due: March 07, 2024  

The U. S. EMBASSY ABUJA has a requirement for a vendor to supply the following:

Veeam Backup Software 1 each

a) G-ESSPLS-MS-SUBMG-1Y (Migration from Veeam Backup Essentials Ent Plus)


Support ID – #02990703

Current license ID – 46C54D61-C918-9239-E 59E-7DFF43D8FBC0

Note – all license components above are to be renewed for 1 year.

Adobe Products 65 each

Acrobat Pro – 65 users

Note – this is to be increased from the current 40 users to 65.

Acrobat Sign Solution for Business – 1 each

Photoshop – 5 each

Creative Cloud All Apps – 3 each

Additional details – VIP Account No- 88417764C419EED34AAA

The evaluation criteria for this requirement will include price, technical acceptability, and past performance.

For a valid quote/proposal, please note the following:

Please include performance schedule, specifications, samples/pictures/complete drawings, (where applicable), along with your quotes.

Vendor must state BOLDLY if offering alternatives.

All responses and quotes on this RFQ MUST be a direct reply to this email, and have the same subject line, copying [email protected]

Vendors must state delivery terms (How long it will take to deliver).

Deadline for offer submission is March 7, 2024.

Unsuccessful offerors may not be contacted. Oral quotations will not be accepted.