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Allamin Foundation- CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Mapping of CSOs Implementing Reintegration in Borno State

Background of the Project
The insurgency in Northeast Nigeria took an unprecedented turn in June 2021 leading to a large
number of individuals, including fighters, exiting armed groups and presenting themselves to
security authorities, largely in Borno State. According to the Borno State Government, over
82,237 fighters and their families have surrendered since July 2021, out of which 16,577 were
active male fighters, 24,499 women and 41,161 children. As of December 2022, a total of 15,454
individuals (66% women and children) are living in three transit camps (Hajj, Shokari and
Bulumkutu) in Maiduguri. Sustaining this momentum of exits presents challenges to the effective
process of handling and treatment of the individuals led by government authorities and ensuring
their reintegration into communities amidst an ongoing conflict, an internal displacement
situation and significant intergenerational grievances stemming from the longstanding conflict.
This presents a serious challenge for sustainable peace, healing, reconciliation and effective
reintegration. Towards assuaging the possibilities of a future relapse of peace due to unaddressed
grievances, Allamin Foundation is partnering with the UKaid for Foreign Commonwealth and
Development Office (FCDO) under its Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) on “Mobilising
Borno Stakeholders Perceptions on Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Policy
Recommendations in North-East Nigeria”.
Purpose of the Call
Starting with Borno State, Allamin Foundation is building a network of CSOs in Borno, Adamawa
and Yobe State working on reintegration and rehabilitation, and promoting transitional justice
programme in North-East Nigeria under the auspices of “North-East Transitional Justice
Network (NETJUN)” for the purpose of coordination and building a knowledge base for learning
and practice on reintegration and promotion of transitional justice.
Below is the link to be completed by CSOs working on Reintegration in Borno State:
For inquiries, please contact the Project Manager via Email:
[email protected]