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Request For Proposal At Heifer International

RFP Release Date:  April 17th 2024
Question/ Inquiry Submission Deadline:  April 30th   2024
Proposal Submission Deadline:  May 6th 2024
Performance Period:  June 2024
Electronic submission to the attention of:  [email protected] 
Contact information for inquiries about this RFP:  [email protected]   

Terms of Reference

  1. General Information   

This document is being issued to solicit applications from a duly registered, dealers in home appliances companies in Nigeria with evidence for the purchase and delivery of electrical Appliance for the Nigeria country office use.

  1. Background  

About Heifer International 

Heifer International is a global non-profit organization on a mission to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. Since 1944, Heifer International, through its work in 21 countries (in Africa, Asia, and the Americas), has supported more than 39 million people worldwide to end hunger and poverty sustainably, and millions more are now on a pathway to living incomes. Working with African rural communities for 48 years, Heifer International supports farmers and local food producers to strengthen local economies and build secure livelihoods that provide a living income. Heifer’s foundation was built on the belief that ending hunger begins with giving people the means to feed themselves, generate income, and achieve sustainable livelihoods for their households. Heifer’s global vision for 2020 – 2030 is to close the living income gap for an additional 10 million families. This vision is a focused approach for the African continent to support at least 6 million smallholder farmers in Africa to reach sustainable living income. As a part of this commitment, Heifer has expanded its presence in Africa to include Nigeria, to support at least two million households to achieve sustainable living income through (a) strategic private and public sector partnerships, (b) unlocking demand and market opportunities, (c) investing in priority value chains, and (d) leveraging innovation and emerging agricultural technologies to reach transformational scale. More information about Heifer is available at:  

Heifer Nigeria Country Program  

Heifer International established its Nigeria Country Program in 2021, and its Signature Program for Nigeria, named “Naija Unlock,” was designed and launched. Naija Unlock program aims to support the unlocking of the potential in Nigeria’s agricultural sector to achieve food self-sufficiency by working with smallholder farmers and local value chain actors to increase their productivity to meet local demand for food and raw materials while closing the living income gap for families in the rice, tomato, and poultry value chains, with plans to add cattle, and small ruminant value chains. Naija Unlock is an evidence-based Signature Program designed to close the living income gap of smallholder farmers at scale with permanence of impact. The goal is to assist more than one million households in achieving sustainable living income by 2025 and scale to two million households by 2030 through strategic private and public sector partnerships to (a) build the social capital of smallholder farmers, (b) unlock farmers’ access to innovative financing, (c) unlock demand and market opportunities, (d) increase farmers access to mechanization and emerging agricultural innovations, and (e) increase farmers knowledge and adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices. Naija Unlock program activities are currently being implemented in five (5) states in Nigeria (Ogun, Edo, Nasarawa, Benue, and Lagos States) with plans to scale to other states with the potential to make an impact at a transformational scale.

III.  Description of Goods/ Services

Objectives: The electrical appliances intended to support the needs of the Heifer International Nigeria’s country office operations.


Refrigerator279L, Top Freezer Refrigerator GN-C272SLCN Specs Inverter Linear Compressor, Door Cooling,  Moving Ice Tray, LINEAR Cooling Door Cooling, Moist Balance Crisper Multi Air Flow.        1 Piece
Refrigerator50L 1-Door Refrigerator, Direct Cooling, Freezer Compartment, Key Lock, LVS (Low Voltage Stability) GL051SQQ Specs Dimension (W*H*D, Mm) 555*1665*620 Horizontal easy handle at counter level, Key Lock, Keeping the storage with safety Control, Refrigerator with Micom          1 Piece
Microwave ovenLG MS2535GIS 1000W 25L Microwave Oven Specs.  Output 1000W, Microwave 1150W.  Electricity Power 240V/50HZ, Interior 322 X 228 X 335, Exterior476 X 272 X 369  Smart Inverter, Even Heating, Fast Cooking 99.99% AntiBacterial, Easy Clean          1 Piece
Water DispenserCway Water Dispenser Executive 2F-58B15HL    Features Model: 58B15HL, Weight (kg): 20.5 Color: Black, Single door, Freezer,  Hot & cold outlet, Child safety lock,  Water tray, 3-nozzle outlets        3 pieces
Dispenser BottlesDispenser re-fill bottles with water.20 bottles
Electric KettleMaster Chef Electric Kettle and Hot Water Dispenser – 20L Features Energy-saving, Keep warm function, Heat Resistance Handle, Anti Rust Stainless Steel Body, Temperature Control System, Removable Slip cover1 piece


  • Specify in the submission the delivery date and time. 
  • Delivery location and address is at: Heifer Nigeria Office Premises located at Bank of Industry office complex tower 2 Central business district Abuja. 
  • Packing Requirements: As per manufacturer packing, supplier must ensure the products are delivered to final destination without any physical damage. 
  • Specify the warranty Period of the products. 
  • Attach the dealership licenses for the required products.
  • After-sales service and local service support requirements.
  • Specify validity period of the quote submitted.
  • 100% payment after satisfactory execution of award. 

Duration: The supply and delivery would be within 7 days from the contract award date.

(vi) Application Process 

Registered Firms submission requirements: All interested firms will submit their organization’s profile with the following information:

              •    Technical expertise as outlined in the objective and deliverables.

• Financial Proposal (in Naira)

  • Itemized cost of products.o Narrative explanations of line items.
  • Separate the cost of products, from delivery fees and service fees.
  • Please note that in compliance with FIRS policy, statutory deduction of 5% Withholding Tax applies on service charge only on payments made to vendors. Also, include the 7.5% VAT component in the quotation.

Interested firms/companies legally eligible to operate in Nigeria can submit a proposal. Please include the name of the person in your organization negotiating the contract, telephone and email contact information. Submissions must be in English and typed single-spaced using Times New Roman font size 12, with a complete set of appendices/attachments as applicable. All pages must be numbered and include the bid title on the cover page and the name of the organization at the bottom of each page.

The successful bidder will be required to produce the following documents before entering into an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) with Heifer:

  • Cover Letter: Introducing the vendor and expressing interest in providing the electrical appliances.
  • Company Profile: Providing an overview of the vendor’s experience, capabilities, and qualifications.
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate. (CAC)
  • A Partnership Deed if you are running a partnership business. 
  • Letter of reference for similar work done in the past.
  • Tax Compliance Certificate- Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)
  • Physical location of supplier which includes town, building, room number, and postal address. 
  • Trade reference and clientele list, including their respective contacts.
  • Pricing: Providing a detailed breakdown of the pricing for the electrical appliances, including unit cost, taxes, delivery, and any additional fees.
  • Warranty Information: Providing details of the warranty offered for the appliances.

The technical and financial proposals should be submitted by 6th May 2024   at 5:00 pm WAT through

[email protected] .Please quote “ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FOR NIGERIA COUNTRY OFFICE” in the subject line. Written inquiries may be made and should be directed to the following email: [email protected] on or before 3rd May 2024.

Heifer retains the right to terminate this RFP or modify the requirements upon notification to the Offerors.

VII. Selection Criteria

Submitted proposals must demonstrate alignment with the scope of work outlined above and with the appropriate level of detail. Heifer’s goal is to ultimately sign on with the Offeror whose proposal best follows the instructions in this RFP, includes the strong evaluation team, and is most cost-effective.  Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:  

Proposal evaluation focus   Percentage  
Accuracy and relevance of the proposal to specifications  10% 
Bidder is a recognized and registered company in Nigeria with copies of supporting documents attached to submissions. 20% 
Warranty terms.20% 
Evidence of similar supply made to other organizations.20% 
Delivery timeline. 10%
Budget justification and costs realism. 20% 

The selection committee will evaluate the technical proposal based on the criteria listed above and the financial proposal based on cost reasonableness and cost-effectiveness in the budget.  

VIII. Validity of Proposals   

The submitted proposals shall remain open for acceptance for 14 days from the last date specified for receipt of the proposal. This includes, but is not limited to, pricing, terms and conditions, service levels, and all other information. If your organization is selected, all information in this document and the negotiation process are contractually binding. 

IX. Award Process and Contract Mechanism   

No. Activity Due date  
1. Proposal reception  May 6th 2024
2. Selection Committee review  May 13th 2024
3. Notification of award  May 17th 2024
4. Award agreement negotiation  May 21st 2024
5. Signing award  May 24th 2024

Heifer will issue a fixed award agreement based on the submission and Heifer’s acceptance of deliverables. Once an award is issued, it will include the payment schedule with the deliverables specified above. 

X. Limitations   

This Request for Proposal does not represent a commitment to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in preparing a response to this RFP, or to procure or contract for services or supplies. Heifer reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted and reserves the right to accept or reject in its entirety and absolute discretion any proposal received in response to the RFP.  

XI.  Intellectual Property   a. Ownership Generally.   

Any intellectual property (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and patents), intellectual property rights, deliverables, manuals, works, ideas, discoveries, inventions, products, writings, photographs, videos, drawings, lists, data, strategies, materials, processes, procedures, systems, programs, devices, operations, or information developed in whole or in part by or on behalf of Contractor or its employees or agents in connection with the Services and Goods (collectively, the “Work Product”) shall be the exclusive property of Heifer International. Upon request, the Contractor shall sign all documents and take all necessary actions to confirm or perfect Heifer’s exclusive ownership of the Work Product.   

b. Prior-Owned Intellectual Property.  

Any intellectual property owned by a Party before the Effective Date (“Prior-Owned IP”) shall remain that Party’s sole and exclusive property. Regarding any of Contractor’s Prior-Owned IP included in the Work Product, the Contractor shall retain ownership and hereby grants Heifer a permanent, nonexclusive, royaltyfree, worldwide, irrevocable right and license to use, copy, reproduce, publicly display, edit, revise, perform, and distribute said intellectual property, in any format or any medium, as part of the Work Product.