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Consultancy – NAEC Training – Benue, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Kaduna, Kebbi and Niger States At Winrock International

  1. IntroductionWinrock International is currently implementing the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Activity (The Activity) – a five (5) year activity that aims to partner with small and medium enterprises and key market actors to pilot proven technologies, scale up successful ones, and promote the adoption of improved production practices as well as improved service delivery that will rapidly, effectively, and sustainably provide access to agro-inputs and service delivery and disseminate extension messaging to at least two million smallholder farmers.The main objectives of the Extension Activity are to: A) Build the capacity of private extension service providers, by leveraging the power of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), to deliver extension and advisory services to value chain stakeholders, Small Holder Farmers (SHFs) to increase their production and productivity due to the increased availability and accessibility of private extension services providers. It aims to increase the availability of and accessibility to quality agricultural inputs/ services as well as pilot and scale up use of ICT-enabled extension services platforms to reach value chain stakeholders. It also aims to increase access to financial products and services. B) Strengthen linkages between agricultural research institutions, agro-allied companies, the public and private extension services providers, and agricultural value chain stakeholders.One of the key deliverables of the Extension Activity is to build the capacity of its MSMEs to enhance how they manage their businesses through strategic thinking that is based on market knowledge and a better understanding of the value chains they engage in.To achieve this key deliverable, the Extension Activity is seeking to engage Seven (7) Certified and experienced NAEC Consultants in each of its Seven States of Implementation (Benue, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Kaduna, Kebbi and Niger state). The NAEC training will run concurrently in all seven states, thus each NAEC Trainer will be assigned to a state.
  2. Purpose and Scope of Work:

The overall purpose of this assignment is to engage the services of Seven (7) Certified NAEC Trainers that will build the capacity of the Extension Activity’s MSMEs to function more competitively within the value chain and employ a commercial approach to their agricultural activities rather than using typically found subsistence practices. The technical assistance will focus on training the MSMEs leveraging relevant components of the NAEC. The MSMEs will in turn use the acquired skills to advise SHFs and provide farm guide and business skills to ensure increased productivity. The targeted MSMEs are experienced in working with SHFs and other key actors in the agricultural space.

The primary objective of this assignment is to train Extension Activity’s Partner MSMEs: – To be better able to take advantage of key market linkages, function more competitively within the value chain, and employ a commercial approach to their agricultural operations.

The extended objectives are to train the MSMEs to:

  • Deliver quality and sustainable extension service that will improve agricultural practices, increase yield, improve profitability, improve extension agent-farmer relationship by restoring famer confidence in the use of extension and the livelihood of the smallholder farmer.
  • To be able to transfer the knowledge to smallholder farmers.

3. Expected Tasks

The consultants will carry out the following tasks but not limited to:

Prior to the commencement of the training, the consultants are expected to:

  • Review the list of MIPs promoted by the Extension Activity
  • Review the Cohort structure of the extension Activity.
  • Provide a draft workshop agenda that will create a more inclusive learning environment. The workshop agenda will include topics to be covered during the training.
  • Provide a training plan detailing how the training will be delivered in all identified locations.
  • Develop training materials – presentations, manual, tools, …
  • Participate in an initial meeting physical or Teams meeting with Technical Leads of the Extension Activity to review workshop materials, draft training plan and workshop agenda. Teams meeting will be facilitated by Extension Activity.

The main tasks of the assignment are:

  • Travel to all identified locations and facilitate training according to the approved plan.
  • Use developed materials and tools to facilitate training for MSMEs and Coordinators of Extension Activity’s programs in the seven focal states – Benue, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Kaduna, Kebbi and Niger States.
  • Train the MSMEs in Business skills – record keeping, marketing and sales, customer relationship management. The consultants will adopt the NAEC curriculum and use it for the training sessions.

4Qualification and Experience

  • Degree in Agricultural science or equivalent in a relevant field
  • At least 4- 5 years’ previous experience conducting similar training as a consultant.
  • Certified NAEC Trainer
  • Evidence of at least two contracts from conducting similar trainings
  • Excellent facilitation and communication skills in English (oral and written)

5. Deliverables

The consultants will submit the following deliverables:

Deliverable 1: Work Plan and Training kits and materials: This deliverable consists of the following information:

  • Training agenda for the training
  • Training plan
  • Training kits and materials such as presentations and tools that will be used for the training

Deliverable 2: Training Completion Report: The training completion report will comprise of the following information:

• Executive summary – describing the objectives of the assignment undertaken, outcomes and recommendations.
• Objective of the report
• Outline of the report structure
• Workshop Outcomes
• Recommendations
The report will additionally feature the following:
• Any changes made in your Terms of Reference during your assignment.
• Any observation(s) you made that should lead to improvements or impacts with respect to the objectives and expected results outlined in your assignment TOR.
• Description of training methodology used.
• Comments and recommendations, highlighting any specific concerns /issues relating to gender or others matters.
• Any recommendations for follow-up activities to build on your training (e.g., things that the Extension Activity, Community of Practice (CoP), other partners, or USAID can do to further support MSME or any issues that need to be addressed.

Payment for each deliverable will be made upon completion and approval is subject to applicable withholding tax deductions based on Nigeria tax law.

6. Evaluation Criteria
CVs, proposals, and supporting documents will be evaluated according to the degree that they satisfy the criteria set forth in this solicitation.: Submissions will be evaluated per the criteria below.

a. Technical Approach & Methodology — 40 points
The applicant will provide a detailed description of their approach to tasks as listed in the Scope of Work. The technical proposal must not exceed three (3) pages. The Technical proposal must be accompanied by the consultants CV and completed bio-data form (editable and not signed). Downloaded from the link:
b. Certification and Past Performance — 35 points
Proven professional experience in conducting NAEC training. Consultants must submit evidence of certification as a certified NAEC trainer and present evidence of a minimum of three (3) contracts for conducting NAEC training with other organizations.
c. Cost/Daily rate — 25 points
A reasonable daily rate for carrying out the assignment.
Winrock will make an award based on the lowest price technically acceptable to the scope of work required.

7. Dates and Duration
The consultancy will be for a period of seven (7) days, tentatively from May 6 to 17, 2024, hence the expected consultants can only claim seven (7) days payment within the period of the consultancy agreement.

Winrock International will provide training venue, meals and hall for the trainings, however it is expected that the NAEC consultants will use his/her training kits and tools/materials to conduct the training.

How to apply

Submission of Application:

All submissions must be done electronically via email to [email protected] with the subject line: “NAEC Consultant and location”Example – NAEC Consultant – Cross-River State.

Submission Deadline: All applications must be received received no later than 5:00 PM West African Standard Time on Friday, April 19, 2024.

All applications should include the following:

  • Detailed CV of consultant, highlighting the relevant work experience
  • Completed Bio-data form (editable and not signed).Downloaded from the link:
  • Professional fee/daily rate in Nigerian Naira
  • A maximum of three-page proposal and methodology describing in detail how the assignment will be carried out and the consultant’s expertise and experience regarding to the SOW
  • Evidence of certificate as a certified NAEC Trainer
  • Evidence of a minimum of three (3) contracts for conducting NAEC training with other organizations.