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Oxfam Program Information
OXFAM is a worldwide development organization that mobilizes the power of people against poverty. In Nigeria, we work to influence policy change in favor of the poor and most vulnerable, promoting food security and supporting small-scale farmers to improve the livelihoods of men and women in rural areas.
We focus on meeting vulnerable people’s needs, saving lives, sustaining increased incomes for the poorest, and transforming attitudes about women’s roles and rights. Our core values are equality, empowerment, solidarity, inclusiveness, accountability, and courage; with the pillars of our national work being accountable governance, gender justice, and just economies.

Oxfam has over the years engaged with ECOWAS directly and indirectly via partners on a host of issues, in the just concluded Regional Strategy before the WAF platform moved into the OiA, the Strategy recognized that in the “region, there are thirty specialized regional economic integration and /or cooperation organizations operating around the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and/or the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). In this context, harmonization of efforts must be undertaken in the fields of environmental and agricultural policies, taxation, and security issues management. It must be said that differences in methodology and perspectives can represent opportunities to put forward crucial change agendas by leveraging the comparative advantages specific to each of these organizations.

It is worth noting that ECOWAS has initiated ambitious programs to transform the region. These include the ECOWAS of Peoples, the Regional Crisis Management Policy as well as the Regional Agricultural Policy ECOWAS has also demonstrated a valuable influencing capacity at the African Union level that makes it a prime partner on regional and continental issues.

2.0. Background/Justification
During the Country Mapping Review process around 2019, one of the proposals from OXFAM was to establish an Advocacy and Influencing Desk in strategic locations to work with and engage regional institutions like ECOWAS. The intention is that in moving ahead as influencing countries, there was an idea for Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal to determine their value proposition as influencing offices so that there will be an agreement on how Oxfam in the Region should and would engage with ECOWAS and other bodies in a coordinated fashion. With the coming into force of OiA and changes at the regional level, the momentum has gone down, yet different countries directly or through partners are engaging with ECOWAS at different levels.

To ensure synergy, effective coordination, and strategic collaboration with ECOWAS; OXFAM is positioning to lead on and ensure visibility through strategic engagement with ECOWAS on key areas of regional interest to strengthen reforms and facilitate economic transformation for the respective countries/citizens.

3.0. Methodology
A consultant will be engaged for the strategy. He/she will be expected to develop and submit a concept note which details the methodology and timetable proposed for the strategy. This will be reviewed and approved by Oxfam prior to the commencement of the work.

4.0. Purpose and Objectives of the assignment
The overall goal is to have a strategy for Oxfam and ECOWAS engagement on target areas of focus and to strengthen regional visibility for Oxfam within West African countries and with strategic institutions. Specific objectives are:
1. Facilitate engagement with respective ECOWAS department and leadership for effective dialogue with the OXFAM team on the area(s) of focus.
2. Lead on the writing and development of the strategy and its validation with the support of the OXFAM team and relevant stakeholders

5.0. Scope of Consultancy Work
1)Review and analyze the current situation within ECOWAS with a view of the barriers, gaps, and opportunities available.
2)Facilitate engagement with ECOWAS and provide overall coordination on the project.
3)Conduct consultations with relevant stakeholders
4)Support technical discussions led by OXFAM and documentation of meeting outcomes.
5)Work with OXFAM to support the development of a strategy to guide Oxfam and EWOWAS collaboration/engagement.
6)Facilitate the validation of the strategy document.

6.0. The focus areas of the strategy.
The extractive sector and domestic resource mobilization- Drafting, dissemination, and promotion of the ECOWAS Model Mining and Mineral Resource Development Act (EMMMDA) and the ECOWAS Charter on Gender and the Extractive Industries.

Taxation – Play an instrumental role in the promotion of the ECOWAS tax transition policy. The tax transition policy is linked to the domestic resource mobilization policy which calls for compliance with community standards, tax assistance, and resource governance.

Civic space- Ensure heads of governments in the region promote open civic space working with parliament to legislate on matters that ensure active citizenship, accountable governance, and democratic principles within the sub-region.

Inequality – OXFAM and ECOWAS-wide debate based on inequality: Provide a platform for ECOWAS, Oxfam, and partners to hold governments to account for actions to tackle inequality.

Peace and Conflict Prevention- Promote conflict sensitivity by campaigning against the movement against small arms across borders within the sub-region.

Trade – Collaborate with ECOWAS on the Africa Continental Free trade Agreement-AcftA, to promote open border, trade, and economic activities in the sub-region.

Gender and Climate Justice.

7.0. Expected Services
The Consultant will be expected to:
a. Develop an outline, work plan, and methodology for the strategy and share same with Oxfam’s management for review and approval prior to its commencement.
b. Provide a comprehensive situation analysis of the socio-cultural, economic, and political factors driving and sustaining ECOWAS engagement in the sub-region.
c. Focus on political institutions, and private sector players and undertake a power and stakeholder mapping of relevant actors working with ECOWAS in the sub-region across the central theme as itemized in 6.0, also identify national and state level MDAs and also private actors that support ECOWAS work in the sub-region.
b. Identify possible remedies to high and rising economic inequality in Nigeria and based on findings recommend policies and actions to be taken in the ECOWAS context.
c. Prepare a comprehensive submission of the strategy in accordance with the specifications in 6.0, clearly detailing in the strategy.
d. Submit a soft copy of the strategy and submit the same to Oxfam’s management within the agreed date as stated in the contract of engagement.
e. Present the strategy to Oxfam, partners, and stakeholders through facilitating a discussion/workshop on the next steps for Oxfam’s campaign.

Key Deliverables, Timeline & Payment schedule
1. Submission of a detailed work plan and clear methodology for the assignment
5 January 2024
2. Inception phase (comprising desk review, meeting with Oxfam team, kick-off meeting (ECOWAS + Oxfam and inception report)
15 January 2024
3. Implementation phase: facilitate workshops, meetings, and development of a final draft strategy)
13 February, 2024
4. Final phase: final review and validation of the strategy + final report
March 15, 2024
Lines of Reporting
On this assignment, the consultant will report to the Country Director for Oxfam in Nigeria
Consultant Expert Requirement
•Advanced university degree (master’s degree or equivalent) in Social Science, Public Policy, Law, International development, or Development studies. A PhD will be an added advantage.
•At least 5 previous assignments in policy/ strategy development, with at least one in the specific field of consultation/facilitation and strategy development.
•Proven experience in working with multiple stakeholders and intergovernmental organizations in Africa; especially, West Africa
•Experience in communicating with and creating and nurturing appropriate relationships with senior level personnel from member states and non-state actors is required.
•Work experience with a regional or international organization, multi-lateral or bilateral development partner in any ECOWAS country would be an asset.
•Proven report writing skills, with traceable publication record.
•Excellent working knowledge of English and French is required.

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The consultant should be based in Abuja, preferably.
Send Bid to : [email protected] The deadline for Submission is 19th December 2023

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