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The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH: “Migration for Development Programme (PMD)”, financed by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany would like to procure “Electrical Equipment” with the following but not limited specification:

• Lot 1: Power Tool Screw Drive, Electrical Hand Drilling Machine, Electric Tool Box Kit, Electrician Hammer, Collapsible Ladder, Vacuum Cutting Machine, Electric Winding Machine, Battery Charging Machine, Work Benches, Welding And Brazing Kit, Gas Blow Lamp, Soldering Pot And Ladle, Soldering Iron, Drilling Machine, Ventilation, and Heat Extractor Fan, Crimping Tools.

• Lot 2: Digital Multimedia, Tachometer, Hydrometer, Laser Light Pointer Spirit Level, DC Motors, DC Generators, Ac Motors, Motor Starter, AC And DC Ammeter, AC And DC Voltmeter, Multimeter Tester, Watt Meter, Megger Insulation Tester Resistance Meter, Digital Oscilloscope, Ohmmeter, Signal Generator For Calibration Panel Meters, Digital Clamp Meter, Line Measure, Three Phase Electric Parameter Measuring Instrument, Digital Displace Instrument.

 Lot 3: Single Phase Contactor, Three Phase Contactor, Steel Finishing Tape, MCC Circuit Breakers, Generator Contactor, Enclosure Relay Switches, Isolator Switches, Electrical Equipment Panel, Electric Circuit Board, Material Detector.

Accordingly, GIZ invites interested bidders to furnish GIZ Nigeria Country office with the following:
a. Official letter expressing their interest.
b. Concise company profile
c. Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and Memorandum of Association clearly indicating business area in relevant area.
d. Bank reference letter
e. Tax clearance certificate for the last 3 years clearly indicating (minimum) average turnover per year (as applicable) for:
Lot i: 51, 500, 00 naira
Lot ii: 53, 500, 00
Lot iii: 15,000
f. Evidence of experience with previous similar jobs (supply and delivery of Electrical Equipment with values that add up to minimum of:
Lot i: 51, 500, 00 naira
Lot ii: 53, 500, 00
Lot iii: 15,000

For consideration for the tender, all interested consultants should submit the aforementioned documents either as hard copy in a sealed envelope to GIZ Nigeria Office reception at, No 12 Charles de Gaulle Close, Asokoro, Abuja labeled
“Expression of Interest 91165773”

Your complete documents should not be more than 20 pages. Only complete documents received at the physical address indicated no later than Wednesday 3rd March 2023 by 5pm from the date of this publication will be accepted and considered.

Do not send price offer, kindly note that complete tender documents would be sent to firms that express their interest.

Implemented by GIZ
Deutsche Gessellschaft
fur Internationale
Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH