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ABT ASSOCIATES is soliciting organizations to apply for grant funds made available through the Local Health System Sustainability (LHSS) Project. Client: United States Agency for International Development (“USAID”) M/OAA; Contract No.: 7200AA18D00023/Task Order: 7200AA19F00014

This is a call for applications. The Request for Application (RFA) includes a programmatic and activity description package which should be reviewed prior to your completion of all supporting documents. The anticipated outcome of this solicitation is between one to three Fixed Amount Awards, pending confirmation of the selected Applicant’s eligibility to receive an award and the selected Applicant’s meeting the technical and administrative qualifications necessary, as outlined in the RFA. The anticipated terms and conditions of any resulting award are included in the Request for Application. If the applicant is unable to comply or take exception with any of these terms or conditions, it should make clear in its application the specific term or condition and exception to take. To access the Request for Application, please go to: . Written questions concerning this RFA will be accepted by LHSS (to: [email protected] ) through February 20, 2023. Final applications are due by March 6, 2023, to LHSS_Nigeria [email protected]


The USAID Health System Sustainability Activity in Nigeria is part of USAID’s Local Health System Sustainability project, a global initiative to help countries achieve sustainable, self-financed health systems and support access to universal health coverage and improve population health and well-being. LHSS and the Grantee will work with State Primary Health Care Development Agencies and State Health Insurance Agencies to advance USAID Nigeria’s Office of Health, Population, and Nutrition (HPN)/Office of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (HAT) health systems strengthening and domestic resource mobilization priorities.

Grant Objectives:

The specific objectives for this grant are to:

  1. To create awareness about state social health insurance schemes, the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) and state equity health funds for poor and vulnerable people through community advocacy, sensitization, and mobilization.
  2. To support state health insurance agencies to increase formal and informal sector enrollment into state social health insurance schemes.
  3. To support state health insurance agencies to expand their provider network to both public and private health facilities and support existing facilities to maintain their empanelment status.
  4. To strengthen public finance management and conduct budget advocacy to ensure prompt releases of allocated funds to state health insurance agencies and state primary health care boards.

To access the Request for Application, please go to:

Please see above for important deadlines.