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Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) is a citizen sector organization created to increase citizens’ participation in governance in a way that improves the integrity of public and private sector processes. PPDC was established in 2003 with its office in Abuja, Nigeria. Our major activities are in the areas of good governance, anti-corruption, justice sector reforms and promotion of increased citizens engagement. In the last 19 years, we have been instrumental in pursuing and instituting policy reforms in Nigeria’s public sector governance.

Presently, PPDC is implementing a US Department of State funded project on Court administration and case management (CACM) across three pilot states of Kaduna, Plateau and Nasarawa States.


We are currently engaging interested and eligible vendors to be pre-qualified on our vendors data base – to provide goods/Services/works for our operations across all office locations in Nigeria.  Interested eligible vendors are invited to apply for prequalification, indicating the category of goods, works or services they wish to apply for. Vendors intending to apply for more than one category should clearly state this in their application for Vendors prequalification documents.

Note, eligible vendors will be eligible to participate in any applicable competitive tendering process implemented by PPDC. Furthermore, any contract signed with an eligible vendor will be valid a maximum of one year in the first instance
with the option to renew for additional one-year subject to satisfactory and professional performance.


See Attached Schedule for selected goods/services/works

Eligible Vendors are to indicate the specific Lot No they are interested in.


Please read this section carefully and be sure that all requested information is included in your submission. Evaluators will neither make assumptions nor draw inferences regarding missing or incomplete information. The submission of incomplete information could result in the rejection of EOI which should include the following documents:

  1. Submission of an expression of interest on the company letterhead indicating the lot(s) under which you want to prequalify on or before the 22nd of February 2023. Hard copy envelopes must be marked Application for Vendors prequalification” stating the lot(s) applied for and submitted c/o Mrs Uchechi Dibiaezue at No 29 Ndjamena Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja or soft copies submitted with the subject heading “Application for Prequalification” also stating the lot(s) to [email protected] and copy [email protected] and [email protected]   The Application must be accompanied with the following documents:
  2. Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation/Business Name Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission, MEMART and other CAC applicable documents.
  3. Company/Business profile/Contact address, telephone number and email address of directors/proprietors.
  4. Verifiable List of clients with evidence of similar jobs successfully executed within the last 3 years, e.g., letters of awards, contract agreement, job completion certificates and photographs.
  5. A minimum of 3 contracts for acquisition, installation and/or maintenance of ICT/related equipment in the last 5 years (where relevant)
  6. Explain clearly other services your company specializes in (Where applicable)
  7. Evidence of registration with relevant Statutory agencies (Where applicable)
  8. Evidence of financial standing and an updated audit report for the last 3 years ending in 2021
  9. Tax Clearance Certificate for the last 3 years.


Applicable taxes according to the Nigerian Tax laws would be applied and deducted from invoiced value and same remitted to appropriate tax authority. Please note that VAT rate for donor funded programmes is zero rated, hence zero percent should be charged as VAT.


This is a Request for expression of interest only and does not in any way obligate PPDC to make an award or pay for costs incurred by eligible vendors in the preparation and submission of their application.

PPDC requires every eligible vendor to avoid and prevent conflicts of interest and must disclose if any member of staff /employee of PPDC is its owners, part-owners, officers, directors, controlling shareholders, of the eligible vendor or any of its key personnel or affiliate is the spouse, sibling or member of the family of a PPDC employee.

Note that the selection process is based on both documents submitted in accordance with this requestion for EOI and other incidental requirements.


This is not an invitation to tender.

For all enquiries, kindly contact

Mrs. Uchechi Dibiaezue

National Procurement Officer

PPDC Court Administration and Case Management Project



S/NDescription of Item
1.Lot 1- Supply and installation of Computers and Accessories/MaintenanceLaptops, Desktop computer, Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners, Hard Drives, Paper Shredder, Projectors, Screens, mouse, keyboard, batteries etc Lot 2 Supply of Electrical/Electronic equipmenti.                 Water Dispenserii.                Air Conditioneriii.              Smart TViv.               Fireproof Safev.                Digital Camera, etcvi.               Microphones,vii.             Audio recorders 
2.Lot 3 – Artisansi.                 Provision of Carpentry and Woodworks Serviceii.                Office interior décor, maintenance, and renovationiii.              A.C repairs and Servicingiv.               Welding and Aluminium installationv.                Paint workvi.               Office fumigation and industrial cleaning
3Lot 4 – Office Furniturei.                 Supply of desks, office tables and chairs, office filing Cabinets, safebox etc
4Lot 5- Supply and installation of Alternate Power Supplyi.                 Generatorsii.                Inverter/Solar PanelsLot 6 – Specialized Storage Resources1.      Construction and installation of storage Racks – Mobile and Static racks2.      Construction and installation of Carousels3.      Supply of archival boxes
5Lot 7 – Internet /Telecommunication Servicesi.                 Internet Devices + Installationii.               Cloud Suscriptioniii.              Recharge Card, Telecom, Internet ServicesLot 8 – Supply and installation of Security and Safety Equipmenti. Fire Alarm Systemsii.  CCTV Systems with monitorsiv.  Fire Safety Equipment
6Lot 8 – Vehicles Maintenance and accessoriesi.                 Car Spare parts and accessoriesii.                Vehicle Mechanic maintenance services
7Lot 9 – Provision of Media, Advert and Printing Services
8Lot 10 – Provision of Insurancei.                 Life Insurance Coverii.                General Insurance
9Lot 11 – Service Providers1.      Provision of Flight Booking Services2.      Estate Agents3.      Registration of Car Particulars4.      Provision of Hotel and Accommodation Services5.      Provision of Car Hire Service6.      Provision of Courier, freight and Logistics Support7.      Catering services; etc
Lot 12 – Speech to Text transcription tools
Lot 13 – Supply of Fuel – Diesel, Kerosine, Petrol, Engine Oil
Lot 14 – Supply of Office Consumables/ General Supply – Stationaries, non-food items, extension boxes etc
Lot 15 – Supply/production of Visibility (T-Shirt. Banners, Stickers, Jackets, Pens, ID Straps, notepads