Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Oral Drugs Supplies at Albarka Health Spring Foundation (AHSF)

Albarka Health Spring Foundation (AHSF)is a non-governmental organization dully registered with Nigerian government through Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT NO: 91613). Existing since October 2016, AHSF focuses on improving the quality of life of vulnerable population across communities in North East Nigeria. AHSF operates both in emergency and developmental context and have its program principally rooted in identifying gaps that affects population or increases vulnerability of population and bridging those gaps through resource base planning and implementation.

Our Mission is to Improve the quality of lives of Children, Women, the Elderly and other Marginalized Vulnerable groups through Human Development and Interventions to Strengthen Communities.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Oral Drugs Supplies

Location: No. 1, Argungu Road Opposite, Archies Central Park, Old GRA, Maiduguri, Borno State
Employment Type: Contract

Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the Supply of Oral Drugs.

1ACT 1 (Artesunate Amodiaquine)Pack70
2ACT 2 (Artesunate Amodiaquine)Pack70
3ACT 3 (Artesunate Amodiaquine)Pack70
4ACT 4 (Artesunate Amodiaquine)Pack35
5Artemether/Lumefantrine 20mg/120mg, x24 tabPack70
6Artemether 80mg/2ml, inj. of 6vialsPack35
7Artesunate, 60mg, powder + 2 solvents for inj, vial+2ampPack35
8Chloroquine Phosphate, 250mg,tabletPack70
9Quinine, 300mgPack18
10Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine tab, of 3tabsPiece70
11Oral Rehydrative SaltPiece70
12Azithromycin  500mg, tabPack70
13Ciprofloxacin  500mg, tabPack70
14Ciprofloxacin  500mg/5ml IV  innfusionPack70
15Potassium  chloride  7.5%, solutionPiece70
16Sodium chloride 0.9%Pack35
17Doxycyline 300mg x10Pack70
18Erythromycin 125mg/5ml, susp, pack of 10pcePack35
19Erythromycin 500mg, tab, pack of 10packPack35
20Ringers lactate, 500mlPack35
21Zinc sulphate 20mg x100Pack35
22Chloramphenicol,  250mg,  cap x100Pack70
23Tetracycline,  250mg, tab x100Pack70
24Amoxycillin 500mg, tab x100Pack35
25Trimethoprim/Sulpfamethoxazole, 80mg/400mg, tab, 100tabsPack35
26Amoxycillin 125mg/5ml, suspPack35
27Loperamine 10mg, tab x100Pack35
28Loperamine 1mg per  75ml,  suspCarton35
29Ciprofloxacin 500mgPack35
30Ciprofloxacin 200mg/100mlCarton35
31Omeprazole 20mg, capPack35
32Fluconazole, 50mg, 10capsPack35
33Loratadine10mg, tab, 100tabsPack35
34Folic acid, 5mg, 100tabsPack35
35Ibuprofen 200mg, tab, of 100tabsPack35
36Albendazole tab, of 100tabsPack35
37Loperamide 2mg, of 100tabsPack35
38Amoxicillin, 250mg, tab, of 1000tabsPack35
39Gentamicin eyedrop, 0.3%, pack of 10pcePack14
40Calcium lactate, 300mg, 100tabsPack56
41Cefixime, 200mg, tab of 10tabsPack70
42Hyoscine butylbromide, 20mg/ml, inj, 1ml vial, 10vialPack70
43Ceftriaxone, 1g, powder for inj, vial, 10vialPack35
44Gentamicin, 40mg/ml, inj, 2ml vial, 10vialPack35
45Hyoscine butylbromide, tab, 100tabsPack56
46Water for inj, 10ml, vial, pack 0f 50pcePack35
47Paracetamol 125mg/5ml, susp, pack of 10pcePack35
48Amoxicillin, 125mg/5ml, syrup, pack of 10pcePack35
49Paracetamol 300mg/5ml, vial of 10Pack18
50Vitamin C, 100ml/5ml, pack of 10pcePack18
51Cough syrup Adult, 100ml, pack of 10pcePack18
52Susp.Antacids, 100ml, pack of 12pcePack18
53Multivitamins, children, syrup, pack of 10pcePack18
545% Dextrose SalineCarton35
55Normal Saline, 0.9%Carton35
56Vitamin C, 100mg, tab of 100tabsPack18
57Diclofenac 100mg/5ml, 10vialsPack18
58Tetracycline hydrochloride eye oitment 1%, tube, 5gPiece18
59Amoxicillin 500mg + Clavulanic acid 125mg, tab of 14tabsPack18
60Chlopheniramin maleate, 2mg, tab of 100tabsPack18
61Multivitamins, tab, 1000tabsPack70
62Vitamine 100,000I.U, cap of 100capsPack14
63Cough syrup children, 100ml, pack of 10pcePiece70
64Nystatin oral drop, 100,000I.UPack70
65Trimethoprim/Sulpfamethoxazole, 80mg/400mg, tab, 100tabsPack18
66Cefalexin 125mg/5ml, susp, pack of 10pcePack70
67Needle, luer, 21G (0.8 x 40 mm), sterile, single usePack35
68Cotton wool, 500-g roll, non-sterileRoll70
69Scalp Vein , pack of 100pcsPack18
70Blood Giving set, pack of 50pcsPack14
71Syringe, disposable, 10ml, with needle, luer lock, 22G, pack of 100pcsPack18
72Syringe, disposable, 5ml, with needle, luer lock, 23G, pack of 100pcsPack18
73Syringe, disposable, 2ml, with needle, luer lock, 23G, pack of 100pcsPack18
74Pregnancy strips, pack of 50pcsPack18
75Accuchek strips, pack of 50pcsPack70
76Urine test strip, 9 parameterPack42
77Gloves, exam, latex, non-sterile, powdered,Pack35
78Nurse ScrubsPack70
79Hand Sanitizer, 500ml SeptolPiece35
80Face MaskPack35
81Hand Wash 500mlPiece35
82Methylated Sprit, 500mlPiece18
83Surgical GlovesPack7
84Adhesive Plaster, 2.5mmPack70
85Safety box, sharps collector, plastic, 5LPiece18
86Alcohol swabs, 100pcsPack14
87Catheter, foley 2 way, balloon, sterile, CH16, 0f 10pcePack70
88Gauze, compress, sterile, 8cmX8cm, 12ply, 10pcePack35
89Forceps, sponge holding,Pack14
90Surgical Nurse Cap, 50pcePack70
91Measuring cup, 100mlPack35
92Providone iodine solution, 100mlPiece35
93Spoon, plasticPiece70
94Malaria test kitsPack35
95Urine test strip, 9 parameterPack35
96Typhoid rapid test kitPack35
97Pregnancy test, temperature stable, pack of 50pcePack18
98AccuchekGlucomter machinePiece7
99Otoscope, mini, with battery, handle, smallPiece4
100Temperature Log TagPiece35
101Fire Extinguisher, 6kg, Dry Chemical Powdered (DCP)Piece4
102Digital thermometerPiece4
103BP ApparatusPiece21
106ORS low osm. 20.5g/L4 Packs53
107Soap toilet2 Pcs53
108Safety BoxPack53
109Cholera RDT Test Kits (25 pieces per pack)Pack18

Requirement / Evaluation Criteria
Bidders are expected to submit a properly signed financial bid with the company’s letterhead paper:

  • Cost
  • Delivery Period
  • Validity period of quote
  • Warranty period
  • A minimum of 2 years shelf life for all medicines
  • Specification.

AHSF Payment Terms
Within 30 days of delivery and presentation of completed, signed invoice and delivery note.

RFQ Closing Date
29th November, 2022.

Vendor’s Expected Delivery Date
2nd December, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified Bidders should send their Bids to: [email protected]


  • The Financial bids must be in NGN
  • Following the requirement of the Federal Government of Nigeria, Albarka Health Spring Foundation (AHSF) will deduct a 5% withholding tax from the total contractual sum. Also, note that AHSF- is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and is VAT exempted.
  • AHSF reserves the right to reject any or all bids if it fails to meet the criteria or are submitted after the stipulated closing date.
  • Only successful bidder(s) shall be notified and will be asked to sign a Local Purchase Order (Contract document) with Albarka Health Spring Foundation.
  • Any submission made after the stipulated date will not be considered.