The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH: “NICOP Programme” financed by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany and the European Union, would like to procure via a negotiated award procedure” the following items in five (5) lots to be distributed within Nigeria:

• Lot 1: 4 units of Multi-processor
• Lot 2: 6 units of Ginger Washer
• Lot 3: 6 units of Ginger Slicer (Ginger Slicing Machine)
• Lot 4: 6 units of Ginger Planter ( Ginger Planting Machine)
• Lot 5: 6 units of Ginger Harvester (Ginger Harvesting Machine)

Installation and training on the use of equipment may be required.

Accordingly, interested bidders are invited to furnish GIZ Nigeria Country Office with the following:
a. Comprehensive Company profile
b. An official letter expressing interest
c. Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Memorandum of Association clearly indicating relevant business area.
d. Bank Introductory letter
e. Tax Clearance certificate of the last three (3) years indicating minimum average turnover per year (as applicable) for:
i. Lot 1 – 109,400,000 naira
ii. Lot 2 – 19,900,000 naira
iii. Lot 3 – 17,100,000 naira
iv. Lot 4 – 30,500,000 naira
v. Lot 5 – 38,700,000 naira
vi. All 5 lots – 215,600,000 naira
f. Evidence of supplies and deliveries of 2 previous similar jobs (minimum). Only third-party evidence will be considered not list of similar jobs.

For consideration, all interested bidder should submit the aforementioned documents only as hard copy in a sealed envelope to GIZ Nigeria Office reception at, No 12 Charles de Gaulle Close, Asokoro, Abuja and kindly label as follows:
“Expression of Interest 9116930”

Your complete documents should not be more than 20 pages.

Only complete document received at the physical address indicated not later than Thursday 29th September 2022 by 5pm from the date of this publication will be accepted and considered.

The shortlist for the successful bidders will be separated based on expressed lots.

Do not send price offer, kindly note that complete tender documents would ONLY be sent to qualified firms that express their interest.

Implemented by GIZ
Deutsche Gessellschaft
fur Internationale
Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH