Established in 2017 and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2018,
Grow Strong Foundation (GSF) is a youth-led and child-focused grass root non-governmental
organization born out of the desire to help protect, promote, and advocate for the participation
and inclusion of young people and people living with disabilities in a matter of social-protection,
peace building and community development while addressing the menace of insurgency in
northeast Nigeria, with a mission to protect and improve the living condition of vulnerable
children, women and adolescent boys and girls through continuous advocacy, community
sensitization and respond to GBV issues by ensuring a drastic reduction in stigma and
discrimination in the communities using local structures and resources at disposal.
Grow strong foundation is implementing a protection Focused project titled Strengthening
community-based multi-sectoral assistance to conflict-affected children and other vulnerable
people in MMC/Jere In Borno, Mubi North, and Mubi South in Adamawa and Damaturu in
Yobe states respectively.
GSF therefore uses this medium to communicate its interest in working with a reliable, credible
and duly registered video production company who can meet the under listed requirements.
I. The Company must be duly registered (submit proof of company registration certificate).
II. Letter of expression of interest.
III. Hard copy of Company profile must be submitted.
IV. Show proof of tax compliance Certificate (current).
V. Evidence of satisfactory service performance ( e.g. previous service contract with INGOs
or government organizations, certificate of service completion etc)
VI. Financial proposal with explicit breakdown of cost. Kindly note that your financial
proposals should cover the following cost:
 Total Cost of video documentary and production per location inclusive of all
logistics for all the locations.
 Cost of airing the video documentary for 3 minutes (1 session only) on National
Television preferably NTA.
 5% WHT.
VII. The Deliverables must be ready within 25 days after the last video shoot.
VIII. Indicate the Price validity period (in months), Delivery Period after the last video
shoot (in days or weeks). All information must be on the company letterhead.
IX. Must be in full compliance with GSF purchasing terms, conditions and schedules of

The video Documentary will be carried out at the following Locations:


You will be mandated to visit the field offices

02 YOBE Damaturu office You will be mandated to visit the field offices
03 ADAMAWA Mubi South &
North offices.

You will be mandated to visit the field offices

The objective of the documentary:
To give a realistic accurate picture and the highlight of the project works, innovative
Technicalities, benefits and Impact According to the overall program objectives and record
actualities that will inform stakeholders and communities.
GSF seeks a professional consultancy firm, which is having expertise to
produce documentary films to fulfill the scope given below.
We are requesting the production of

  1. One 5-minute video documentary film on the project, highlighting best
    approaches, best practices, achievements, and interviews of beneficiaries.
  2. The video will depict thematic areas of interventions and the methodologies
    and approach by editing the overall video documentary
  3. The video documentary will be aired for about 3 minutes (1 session only) on
    National TV preferably NTA.
    Technical Specification
  4. Shooting format – 1080p, HDV
  5. Post-production Professional Software, Computer Graphics Animation / VFX
  6. Music – Do not allow copy right tracks
  7. The video documentary is required to be:
  8. In High Definition (HD) quality
  9. Interviews to be done must be the locations indigent languages with English
    subtitles (All translations and script writing should be undertaken by the company)
  10. The video documentary should be submitted in HD versions High-quality data file
    DVD (All these needs to be completed with a cover design and graphics).
  11. Develop the documentary film’s overall concept and scenario
  12. Incorporate short interview clips of selected participants’ participant list only to be
    provided by GSF, project beneficiaries, and stakeholders inclusive.
  13. Travel to project locations (Mubi, Damaturu, MMC, and Jere) for interaction with the
    communities/beneficiaries who have been impacted by the projects to gather material
    video footage, images, and interviews.
  14. Development of the documentary script and story block for the film.
  15. Conduct video shooting of interviews with beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  16. Provide first raw copy of the documentary for reviews of content.
  17. Edit the video footage together with video and audio production, graphic designing,
    color correction, music and narration of documentary and all aspects required in the
    production of the final documentary.
  18. Produce 1 final 5-minute-longdocumentaryclip.

Outputs Deliverables & Target Completion:
Deliverable Target date No of

Submit script and block stories for approval Within 5 days of signing

the contract

2 30%

Submission and approval of edited video
recording of the scenarios captured, and the
footage of the recorded stories in Sinhala &
Tamil with English subtitles.

Within 10 working days
upon signing the contract

5 30%

Submission of final copy (data file) and 4
DVDs and approval of the complete 5-minute
documentary film.

Within 10 days of
signing the contract

5 40%

The engaged company will work directly with the Project Coordinator who will provide the
necessary support to the Consultancy firm to execute the assignment during the duration of
the consultancy.
The Hard copies of Quotation/Proposal together with all the requirements should be submitted in
in a sealed envelope to GSF office at No 4 Faith Avenue, Adjacent living Faith Church behind
Choice Private School, off Molai Road, Jiddari Polo, Maiduguri, Borno State On or before 26 th
July, 2022. Ensure to fill a bid submission form.
For enquiries, kindly send your request to “[email protected]
Admin and Finance Manager.