Request for Proposal – RFP-008NGA22 Provision of Security Guards Services at Danish Refugee Council

Danish Refugee Council, one of the world’s leading humanitarian NGOs, is currently looking for a highly qualified Security Service company to provide security guards in DRC Nigeria locations.

About the job

This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is intended to solicit information and proposals from qualified Security Guard Services suppliers capable of meeting DRC’s needs, for its various locations in Abuja, Borno, and the Adamawa States. The Supplier (“Supplier”) selected will have significant expertise in the areas necessary to meet the needs and requirements set forth in this RFP. Critical criteria of this evaluation process will include the Provider’s ability to share data and provide services that meet our mutual needs. Through this RFP process, DRC desires to enhance service efficiency and minimize costs and risk, while at the same time providing the Supplier with the incentive to successfully perform based upon pricing.

Main duties and expectations

  • The operatives will operate a 24-bour work schedule in two shifts of 12 hours each
  • The company will provide fully literate, physically fit healthy responsible, disciplined, competent in all respect and well-trained security personnel to render day and night watch duties continuously in two shifts of 12 hours each (from 6:00am to 8:00pm).
  • The company will ensure strict compliance by personnel with all the rules, regulations, standing instructions or directives issued by DRC to advance the security arrangement for each protected premises.
  • Deployed Guards will be supervised periodically by a patrol unit or supervisor will make periodic check/visits
  • A dairy record of attendance at the premises will be kept by the guards in charge of the premises who will note in that record all irregularities or incidences discovered by them, their attendance at the premises and the security company will provide a written report to DRC any such irregularities or incidents within 24 hours of such incident (and if so required make He record available for inspection by DRC or the Police)
  • The security company is able to install and use an electronic guard patrol monitoring device on selected premises and ensures patrols are conducted with reports sent in real time
  • Guards must be paid a Minimum of 60,000 Naira monthly – Break down of charges indicating the take home of the guards should be provided. This should be separate from the admin charges which are subject to 10% WHT deductions.
  • The awarding company will provide guards only from the state’s indigenes where DRC Operates.
  • The awarding company must maintain a minimum of three guards on duty each shift and a reliever for guards to observe their leave days in compliance with Nigeria Labor law.
  • The awarding company must share their contracts with DRC to ensure Nigeria Labor law is followed.

How to apply

Please send an email to [email protected] to request the tender package.

For questions related to the tender, contact [email protected]