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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) invites interested and eligible consultants to tender applications for the following works:

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Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) – UNDP Nigeria Documentary Series – Womanity: A Historical Journey Of Nigerian Women In Nationhood And Nation-Building

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Background and Rationale
Africa’s Agenda 2063 commits to improving women’s political participation through Aspiration three on Africa’s good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law. This aspiration embeds a culture of gen der equality and good governance. Such aspiration and accompanying framework clarify that the continent and member states need grounded evidence to demonstrate women’s progress in political and governance participation.

UNDP estimates that gender inequality translates into a 44 per cent loss in potential human development. Yet we have now enough empirical evidence to illustrate that SDG 5 is one of the most potent development accelerators. It needs to take renewed commitment and heightened ambition to push forward Gender Equality as part of the realisation of the 2030 Agenda and Global goals agenda by 2030. Otherwise, inclusive development progress will remain a dream if Africa does not change its systems, practices and policies to ensure more women sit at the decision-making table.

In recognition of the importance of women-inclusive governance, several African countries have made varied efforts to increase women’s political representation. Rwanda and Senegal have yielded positive results recording over 50% women representation in their respective parliaments.

Considering that over 49% of Nigerians are women, their role in making Nigeria what it is today remains largely untold. Telling this story is paramount to strengthening women’s participation and contribution to nationhood and nation-building, including access to equal opportunities and participation in decision-making processes. Ensuring that women are more visible will address and correct the imbalance of the current narrative; as a result, influence corresponding representation through upcoming women leadership.

Through its communication unit, UNDP Nigeria aspires to embrace and elevate this narrative through storytelling of the history of women’s role in Nigeria’s nationhood and the development of communities and societies through a four-part documentary series, also known as a ‘docuseries’.

The objective of the docuseries is to:

  • Showcase the role of women in Nigeria’s nationhood and nation-building over the years post independence by putting women at the centre and forefront in telling the largely untold story of their role as leaders, visionaries, pioneers and entrepreneurs that have contributed to the country’s development trajectory
  • Advocate for increased women’s involvement, participation and representation across all sectors by debunking the idea that women are subsidiary to the Nigerian story
  • Incentivise transformative change through stories that explore women’s historical and cultural relevance that will influence recognition of women’s rightful place in Nigeria’s history

The BIG Idea

  • UNDP Nigeria envisages the production of an 80-minutes documentary film serialised into four chapters/episodes.
  • The documentary will be produced in two installations – production of chapters one and two, which will also serve as proof of concept in catalysing the conversation ahead of the upcoming 2023 General elections and a sequel of chapters three and four as a continued story after the 2023 General elections
  • The documentary series will be anchored by seamless creative, and innovative storytelling approaches that ensure audiences are captivated and fully engaged in the conversation.

To this end, the UNDP Nigeria calls for the submission of technical and financial proposals from eligible film and production companies. The qualified firm will support the conceptualisation, designing and production of the first two chapters of the documentary, estimated at 40 mins.

Scope of Work
UNDP Nigeria wishes to engage the services of a film and production agency for a period of 4 months to conceptualise, design and produce the first installation of the documentary. Under the general guidance and supervision of the UNDP Nigeria Communications Specialist, the contractor will be responsible for providing support in the following general areas:

  • Pre-production: Manage and undertake all pre-production requirements for the docuseries including research, storyboard and script development, identification and securing consent of identified talent/subject matter experts, mapping of project timelines and securing relevant licences and film permits
  • Production: Lead the full production and creative direction of the docuseries which the output will be in four part including scripting, directing, shooting of required segments including b-roll or any contextual footage required to tell the story comprehensively
  • Post-production: Editing (reviewing and compiling the footage into a final version including sequencing, graphics, voice over, creating original music score for the docuseries
  • Launch and dissemination support: Design a dissemination plan including design of promotional assets, media outreach and promotion, media placement on various streaming platforms at national, Regional and globally. Curate and organize a launch viewing event for UNDP and select audience

As part of the project, the contractor will be expected to:

  • Handle all production and filming rights, including the casting of experts to be featured, aquire relevant consent to film and participate, as well as the payment of royalties and gratuity (if any)
  • Manage the acquisition of rights, duration of such rights, the payment of royalties such as of soundtrack music, archival material (if any) relevant to the documentary and ensuring general compliance with intellectual property and other laws.
  • Apply and acquire all filming and broadcast licenses as per the requirement of the laws in Nigeria
  • Hold a valid insurance plan with reputable independent insurance companies in relation to the production and production team against industry related risks and to the extent as is commercially prudent in accordance with good industry practice for companies carrying on the same or a substantially similar business.

Qualifications and Experience

  • At least 5 years of demonstrated practical experience in high-quality film production.
  • Documented prior experience in creating full-length documentaries, including research, script writing and production.
  • Strong research skills and prior knowledge and understanding of the local context and the political and historical role of women in development in Nigeria.
  • The team should consist of a director, producer, cinematographer screenwriter, researcher, editor and other relevant roles to produce the docuseries.
  • The team members should hold certificate and/or professional training in multi-media, documentary, photojournalism, video production or awards in the related field. Professional experience of not less than 4 years could be considered as a qualification.
  • Fluency in English. Fluency in other local languages is an added advantage.

Application Closing Date
25th May, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Proposals may be submitted via email, courier mail or fax to the address below:
United Nations Development Programme,
UN House,
Plot 617/618 Diplomatic Drive Central Business Area,
F.C.T – Abuja.

Email: [email protected]

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