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Title: Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Consultancy Market Value Chain & Gender Power Analysis in Plateau State

Purpose of the Study

The purpose for the consultancy is to identify and analyse the most promising food crops through value chain analysis that NGOs and Government can pick up the value chain and work on for future business. The assessment shall focus on and vegetables that could increase employability and small business undertakings.

The following are the specific objectives for this assignment:

  • To map and profile the existing vegetables value chain both on farm and off different locations with the intended outcome to identify feasible and most effective value chains
  • Generate a shortlist of 4-5 most profitable and technically feasible crops in each of the selected locations. Criteria for shortlisting and selecting value chain should include gender balance, potential for growth and potential pro-poor adaptability.
  • Engagement with target groups (women/young people) to understand the experience of running businesses, and motivation to and what the constraints are.
  • Engagement with consumers(individuals and corporates)to understand the demand market and how to best supply product.
  • Assess selected market system supporting environment (services, policies, laws and regulations, infrastructure) and markets constraints in the selected locations
  • Suggest off farm income generating activities and technical vocational skills in demand based on the market system analysis, feasibility (technical, social and economic) and local opportunities for acquiring skills including IGA and skills for persons with disability
  • To identify areas of intervention in the value chain cycle for persons with disability and older men and women and specific skills training needs.
  • Conduct an extensive gender and power analysis of the food system in Plateau State.
  • Understand the impact climate change is having of food producers with particular attention to women and youth and identify opportunities including use of technology to adapt to these challenges.
  • Identify risk and mitigation strategies associated with the project intervention in developing an effective, efficient and inclusive food system in Plateau State

Approach and Methodology
The consultant will propose the approach and methodology for the assessment in detail based on the general guidelines provided below:

  • Review relevant secondary data particularly risks and resilience profiling, or any market studies done in targeted area by NGOs in the past 5 years
  • Meeting with staff of NGOs at field level (if any)
  • FGD with target communities and key informant interviews with relevant actors in the value chain or others including small, medium and large scale businesses.Successful consultant should provide methods and measures of engagement to engage stakeholders.
  • Conduct validation meeting inviting key stakeholders, in particular market actors involved in the target value chain

The consultant will produce the following deliverables:

  • List of potential markets and value chains along with the list of selected value chain items
  • Identification of areas in the value chain where older men and women and persons with disability can be engaged
  • List of actors-describe the actors in the market system/value chain-producers, aggregators, wholesalers, retailers, consumers, transporters, financials, etc. Describe what the role of the actors in terms of market, present what cost they incur, what income they make, assess their risks, present data on the margins, at each step along the value chain and where applicable provide coordinates of the key actors
  • Enabling environment-describe the policies, rules and regulations governing the market. Key areas to consider-weight and measures, fuel pricing, infrastructure and activities of middle men and subsidies, etc
  • Market constraints (including graphics)-analyze and describe market constraints as they relate to the target group.
  • Suggested list of program interventions options/analysis-these should directly address the market constraints. Discussion and feasibility analysis
  • Potential of the growth/market for the proposed value chain interventions and current volume of trade in the proposed interventions
  • Recommendation for best strategy to move forward and implement these interventions.

Qualification and Experience of Consultant

  • An advanced degree in Marketing, Development Studies, Sociology/Rural Sociology, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Sustainable and Inclusive Development or other related fields.
  • Cognate and requisite experience in value chain analysis, livelihoods, resilience, and food systems programming approaches such as Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment Missions, Household Economy Approach (HEA), Participatory Vulnerability analysis (PVA), Value Chain analysis (VCA) etc.
  • Demonstrated capacity in integrating gender equity and diversity concerns in programming, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Extensive experience in livelihood programmes and projects, preferably in northern Nigeria.
  • Significant experience working with the Federal, State and Local Government Areas in Nigeria including those in conflict areas.
  • Sound knowledge of food systems, resilience programming, rural development, rural livelihoods enterprise, family farming, agricultural markets and agricultural private sector actors.
  • Sound knowledge of policy issues related to food security, social protection, disaster risk reduction, inclusive markets, and climate change.
  • Excellent research, writing, and analytical skills.

Application Closing Date
5:00pm (WAT) 6th May, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Interested and qualified consultants/firms are expected to submit their expression of interest (technical and financial proposal) to: [email protected]

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