Invitation to Tender at the High Commission of India, Abuja

The Office of the High Commission of India, Abuja invites qualified and adequately experienced organisations or consortiums to indicate interest by submitting tender documents for the following works:

The Office of the High Commission of India, Abuja is requesting for:

Title: Tender Invitation For Complete Maintenance Of Chancery- Cum Residential Complex At Cadastral Zone, Central Business District, FCT, Abuja, The Embassy Residence At Maitama, Abuja And Three/Four Other Residences Located Outside Chancery-Cum-Residence Complex.

Tender No:

The High Commission of India (HCI), Abuja invites sealed tenders for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for its Chancery complex at 364, Cadastral Zone, Central Business District (CBD), FCT, Abuja, the Embassy Residence at Maitama, Abuja and three/four other residences located outside the Chancery complex. The tenders are invited under two bid system viz. Technical Bid and Financial Bid from reputed, experienced and financially sound firms registered under relevant Nigerian Companies Law having regular office preferably in Abuja, Nigeria for complete maintenance

Scope of Work

  • General:
    • The service provider shall do inspection and perform routine and preventive maintenance as also breakdown maintenance of all the equipment if and when required,
    • The service provider shall repair/replace parts and perform overhaul of the equipment;
    • The service provider shall supply necessary parts and components in order to maintain the equipment/system in good working condition;
    • All types of repairs/fittings/replacements must be carried out by professional and experienced staff. The Contractor shall use spare-parts of good quality for repair/replacement. The old parts which are replaced must be deposited in Administration Section in the Mission. Expenditure on replacement of major parts would be reimbursed to the Contractor by the Mission on production of original receipts. Good quality material manufactured by reputed company should be purchased so that it remains durable for long period of time.
    • Any spare part costing Naira 30,000.00 would be replaced by the Contractor. Payment for spare parts of value more than Naira 30,000.00 would be made on receipt of payment invoices at the end of every calendar month.
  • Cleaning of Chancery-cum-Residential complex:
    • Daily cleaning of the Chancery building (rooms, high footfall areas, restrooms etc). Restrooms to be cleaned 3 times a day. Daily Cleaning of stairs, common areas and pathways of residences in Chancery complex. Garbage to be kept in proper garbage bag and to be kept in covered bins at the designate place. Daily cleaning of all premises surrounding the building of Chancery premises and residences. Weekly Vacuum cleaning of chairs, sofas, seats, etc. Weekly cleaning of doors, windows and roof of chancery. Cleaning of windowpanes once in 15 days.
    • The Contractor would also be responsible for providing its staff all necessary equipment and uniform. Service provider will provide the cleaning material, disinfectants and sanitary consumables at the Chancery building – high quality toilet paper, hand wash, deodorants for toilets-fix in the wall, dust bins for toilets, covered dust bins etc.
    • Pruning of overgrown branches of trees outside the chancery and Embassy residence in coordination with Abuja Environment Protection Board as and when required.
    • Maintenance of all Security related equipment and devices including: Scanners, Access System, Bollard Mechanism & Tyre Burst System, CCTV cameras, Security lights, ICom Sets, Under Vehicle Mirror Scanner, Handle Metal Detectors, any other security equipment. Maintenance of Entrance Gates at Chancery and Embassy Residence.
  • Plumbing:
    • Operation and maintenance of water treatment plant, (Filtration and Sewage Treatment Plant)
    • water supply system (Chemical Dosing, operation of pumps, Backwashing of Filters etc. once in every two months).
    • Maintenance of hot water system (electric geysers);
    • Maintenance and cleaning of the overhead water tank and underground RCC tank;
    • Maintenance of drainage system, periodical checking manhole, main drainage of all types of gully traps and floor traps;
    • Replacement of damaged flexible hose, angle valves and fittings;
    • Maintenance of pumps and internal pipe work for irrigation;
    • Maintenance of pumps, nozzles and control panel of the fountains;
    • Maintenance of bathrooms & toilets, wash basins and kitchen sinks, etc.
  • Civil work:
    • Maintenance of water proofing system and space frame;
    • Maintenance/Repair of aluminium and wooden doors and windows, window nets;
    • Replacement of damaged door, stopper tower bolt and glass panels;
    • Repair/plastering of walls and necessary painting;
  • Electrical:
    • Regular maintenance of light tension (LT) and heavy tension (HT) panels (only at Chancery & ER)
    • Checking functions of all MCCBs, MCBs &ELCBs, MDBs and distribution boards;
    • Checking, repair/replacement of all electrical appliance/devices including switches of light fittings, electric fans, sockets and cleaning of all electrical equipment and accessories;
    • Replacement of damaged tubes, bulbs, chokes, etc.;
    • Maintenance/Repair of audio-video equipment
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm:
    • Maintenance of all firefighting equipment;
    • Firefighting mock-drill to be conducted once in every three months;
    • Refilling of Fire extinguishers;
    • Maintenance and periodic checking of smoke detector, break glass, fire alarm panel and repeater panel
  • Air Conditioning equipment:
    • Maintenance of centralized cooling system/Split ACs & Window ACs in the Chancery, the Embassy Residence, Chancery Residential Complex and three/four other residences located outside the Chancery complex. A separate register will be maintained by the technician for all types of maintenance carried out for air conditioners.
  • Maintenance of Water filters including periodic change of candles
  • Maintenance of telephone lines including intercom, computers and UPS System. As and when required, coordination with telephone and Internet service providers.
  • Fumigation & disinfection-interior and exterior (as required/monthly basis).
  • General carpentry work including change/repair of locks, shelves, Office furniture, dismantling & arranging the same.
  • A technical facility manager having experience of at least 5 years is to be deputed by the company concerned. He shall maintain a register with daily details of all types of services performed by the technicians deployed by the Company. The responsibility of facility manager will also include:
    • Trouble free operation of IHC facility equipment
    • To ensure the day-to-day maintenance and checking of equipment.
    • Daily Reporting and updating to IHC about critical issues.
    • Controlling of AMC activities and ensuring the maintenance is performed on time.
    • Cost control of spare-parts/operations
    • Monitoring of electricity, diesel and water consumptions and any other jobs assigned by the High Commission.
    • Special cleaning of walkways using sand blasting machines to remove dirt and any outgrowth of grass due to heavy rains.

Application Closing Date
12th May, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Bidders are requested to go through the terms & conditions contained in the bid document. Bidders are also required to deposit Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of N500,000.00 (Naira five hundred thousand only) in the form of “Pay Order/Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee from any Scheduled bank recognised by the Central Bank of Nigeria” in favour of “High Commission of India, Abuja”. Bids received without EMD will not be considered and rejected summarily.

The tender should be submitted in two sealed envelopes as below, along with prescribed EMD:

  • The first sealed cover superscripted as “Technical Bid” should contain details of technical capabilities of the firm (with documentary evidence), and acceptance of terms & conditions given in Section-II.
  • The second sealed envelope superscripted “Financial Bid” should contain rates only for AMC as per Section-V of the Tender Document.

Both the sealed covers, along with EMD should be placed in the main sealed envelope superscripted “Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract for IHC, Abuja” addressed to the:
Head of Chancery,
High Commission of India,
364 Cadastral Zone,
Central Business District (CBD),
FCT – Abuja.

Click Here (PDF) for a detailed description of the ITT.