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The United Nations Secretariat invites qualified manufacturers / trading subsidiaries with requisite qualifications and experience to indicate interest by submitting EOI documents for the following works:

The United Nations Secretariat is one of the six major organs of the United Nations, with the others being the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the defunct Trusteeship Council, and the International Court of Justice. The secretariat is the UN’s executive arm.

Application are invited for:

Title: Expression of Interest (EOI) – Provision of Light Passenger Vehicles and Buses, Including Spare Parts and Ancillary Services

EOI Number: 

Description of Requirements

The UN Procurement Division (UNPD), in collaboration with UN Development Programme (UNDP), is seeking expressions of interest from qualified manufacturers, manufacturers’ trading subsidiaries or, should the manufacturer or trading subsidiary be unable to bid, manufacturers’ authorized, capable agents (normally distributors or dealers) for the supply and delivery of light passenger vehicles and buses, including spare parts and ancillary services throughout the vehicles’ entire life, in support of UN field missions and UN entities worldwide.

The large majority of vehicles utilized by the United Nations are diesel left-hand drive, however petrol and right-hand drive vehicles are also required.

Scope of Work
EOI respondents should be able to provide ANY or ALL of the vehicle categories listed below:

  • Sport Utility Vehicle Heavy Duty 4×4 like a station wagon built on a light truck chassis with heavy duty suspension for full time off-road use, excellent pay load, excellent ground clearance and excellent wading depth with a payload above 700 kgs, provided in two variants (General Purpose and VIP).
  • Sport Utility Vehicle Medium Duty 4×4 like a station wagon built on a light truck chassis with robust suspension to allow competent all weather off-road performance combined with good highway characteristics with payload between 500-700 kgs, provided in two variants (General Purpose and VIP).
  • Medium Duty Pickup Truck for transport of up to four passengers and cargo with a payload of 1,000/900 kg, provided in two variants (Single and Double Cabin).
  • Crossover Utility Vehicles All-wheel Drive station wagon or hatchback type, upright seating position with high outward visibility, spacious interior and flexible cargo capacity, smooth drive quality and excellent fuel economy. The vehicle is usually built on a car platform (unibody), with upright seating position, high outward visibility, spacious interior, flexible cargo capacity, smooth drive, and excellent fuel economy
  • Medium Size Sedan Segment C Euro market or equivalent for transport of four passengers plus driver in two rows of seats, with four (4) side doors two on each side for passengers’ access plus cargo area.
  • Large Size Sedan/Representational type, segment D Euro market or equivalent, for transport of four passengers plus driver in two rows of seats, with four (4) side doors two on each side for passengers’ access, plus cargo area.
  • Heavy Duty Utility 4×4 Pickup Truck intended for service in the harshest environments. Its payload should allow its use as the basis for several variants. Capabilities include heavy duty suspension, payload indicative 1,000 kg (depending on the variant), excellent ground clearance, excellent wading depth, high-low range transfer case, differential locks, and extended range fuel tanks.
  • Minibus with standard roof for transport of 7-12 passengers (depending on the market specifications), all-around windows and cargo area.
  • Medium Size Bus for short to medium range operations with seating capacity of 21-30 passengers. All seats to be fixed (i.e., no folding seats), high roof with internal luggage space.

Note: The UN’s requirement is not for refurbished vehicles. The UN expects the successful vendor to supply brand new vehicles, including after-sales support services (i.e. provision of spare parts, warranty, tools and equipment, training of UN staff (including on-site maintenance training in field missions), technical assistance, etc., as and when required) throughout the entire life of the equipment, estimated to be 8 years. The resulting contract(s) will be on “as and when” required basis, and will be for an initial period of three (3) years with option to extend at the UN’s discretion for two (2) additional periods of one (1) year each.

It is the United Nations preference to enter into a contract(s) with vehicle manufacturers or their trading subsidiaries. However, should the manufacturer appoint a third party (normally a distributor or dealer) to respond to the solicitation and/or to enter into a contract with the UN, it is mandatory that:

  • Such authorized agent has an adequate support structure, evidenced by dedicated resources, and experience in the provision of vehicles and after sales support services; and
  • Any resulting contract will be co-signed by the manufacturer. A vendor who is not a manufacturer or trading subsidiary and who wants to respond to the solicitation shall provide evidence that the manufacture authorizes [the vendor] to participate in the soliciation and also agrees to co-sign any resulting contract(s).

Further to the Paragraph above, vehicle manufacturers may propose only one third party representative who is able to fulfill multiple orders from, and provide adequate after-sales support services to, several UN Entities worldwide. Detailed technical specifications, quantities and support requirements shall be provided to vendors in the solicitation document.

Specific Requirements / Information (If Any)
Responding to this Request for Expression of Interest (REOI):

  • Consistent with the Paragraph above, in addition to the electronically submitted Vendor Response Form, all vendors SHOULD email (to [email protected] with copy to [email protected], the following additional information:
    • What category the vendor is i.e. Manufacturer, Trading Subsidiary or Manufacturer’s authorized agent. If a manufacturer’s authorized agent, please indicate whether a distributor or dealer;
    • What vehicle categories (out of the list shown in paragraph 3) are being offered;
    • The brand of vehicles being offered; and
    • If the vendor is a trading subsidiary, proof of such relationship with the manufacturer; or
    • If the vendor is an authorized agent, an endorsement by the vehicle manufacturer that (i) the manufacturer authorizes the vendor to participate in future solicitation and that the manufacturer would cosign a contract, in case of award.
  • If your firm is not yet registered with the United Nations Procurement Division, you should register through the United Nations Global Market Place (UNGM) as per the Instructions provided below. When registering, please ensure that “UN Secretariat” is selected under “Select Agencies.”
  • The UN reserves the right to reject EOIs that are incomplete or do not meet the requirements mentioned above. Submission of an EOI, therefore, does not carry any expectation or imply any right to participate in the planned tender.
  • Questions regarding this REOI should be forwarded to [email protected]

Application Closing Date
7th May, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Interested vendors/organizations should Click Here to express interest to this EOI electronically.

In case you have difficulties submitting your interest electronically, please contact [email protected] ; [email protected] directly for instructions.

Click Here (PDF) more clarifications on the EOI.