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Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the Supply of USAID IHP Branded Mama Bags and Contents


The USAID Integrated Health Program (IHP) is a USAID/Nigeria funded five-year flagship Program, aimed at strengthening the health system, increasing access to and improving the quality of primary health care (PHC) services in supported states in Nigeria IHP, which started in January 2018 will be implemented at the Federal level and in FCT, Kebbi, Bauchi, Sokoto and Ebonyl states.

Integrated Health Program-Nigeria Country Office is inviting eligible and reputable companies to submit quotations for the supply of mama bags & contents (packaged) which would be given to women given in the PHC in FCT, Kebbi Bauchi, Sokoto and Ebonyi states

Evaluation & Selection Criteria
This section is important and should be given due attention while completing your application. There will not be assumptions or presumptions on what is submitted, incomplete, or assumed to be submitted during evaluation. Incomplete information submission may lead to rejection or poor appraisal of proposal submission. Any company submitting a proposal should endeavour to send in a very comprehensive one highlighting how it intends to meet up all the requirements of IHP as highlighted above:

  • Company profile details to include registered address, functional email address, telephone numbers, and point of contact for the organization.
  • Evidence of company registration, that is Certificate of incorporation (with Corporate Affairs Commission)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate for 2018,2019, and 2020
  • Evidence of turnover of 150million and above in 2020
  • Evidence of managing similar supply in the year 2021
  • Clients reference for work which has been performed within the last three years (copies of letters of ward & successful completion certificates and supporting reference letters should be attached).

Financial Quote.

  • The quotation should indicate the following:
  • Delivery date.
  • Unit cost for each of the item, its corresponding total cost, and the sum for all the items quoted.
  • The financial quote should also indicate cost of delivery to each state as detailed in table 2 of this advert.
Name/Description of the MaterialsQuantityUnit cost (NGN)Total (NGN)
USAID & IHP Branded Mama Bag (Tote fabric) height 10cm, width 10cm, hand strap 10cm (see sample of bag here),690.00  
Baby Soap (70grm-singly wrapped)74,600.00  
Sanitary Pad (7pads/packs)112,690.00  
Surgical disposable gloves made from Latex (2 pairs/each)74,600.00  
 Total CostCost
Delivery Time in Days   
Payments Terms   

Packaging & Delivery to Each State:

Name/Description of the MaterialsBauchi(Each mama bag to contain: a pack of sanitary pad)Kebbi(Each mama bag to contain: 1 tube chlorhexidine, 1 baby Soap, a pack of sanitary pad & 2 pairs of disposable gloves)SokotoEach marmna bag to contain 1 tube chlorhexidine, 1 baby Soap, a pack of sanitary pad &2 pairs of disposable gloves)Ebonyi
(Each mama bag to contain 1 tube chlorhexidine, 1 baby Soap, a pack of sanitary pad &2 pairs of disposable gloves)
FCT(Each mama bag to contain 1 tube chlorhexidine, 1 baby Soap, a pack of sanitary pad & 2 pairs of disposable gloves)

USAID & IHP branded mama bag (Tote fabric with zip lock and strap for shoulder carrying) height 10cm, width 10cm, hand strap 11cm. see sample of bag here https://we.tit367aZn2Px738,09031,50031,30010,0001800
Baby Soap (70gm)-singly wrapped 31,50031,30010,0001800
Sanitary Pad (7pads/packs)38,09031,50031,30010,0001800
Surgical disposable gloves made form Latex 2pairs/each) 31,50031,30010,001800
Total quantity of packed mama Bags/State38,09031,50031,30010,001800
Cost of delivery to each state     

Application Closing Date
5:00pm, 31st March, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Please submit the soft copy of your quotation to: [email protected]


  • Any quotation received by IHP after the deadline for submission will not be considered
  • No quotation shall be modified after the deadline for submission of proposals
  • Issuance of this solicitation in no way constitutes a commitment to award a contract and Palladium reserves the right to vary any part of this solicitation at the time of award if it becomes necessary.
  • Please note that as a reputable company we abide by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and so we charge Withholding Tax (WHT) in compliance with Nigerian Tax laws.
  • All costs incurred by the bidders because of this process and any subsequent request for information shall be borne by the bidding companies.