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Call for Expressions of Interest At Future Resilience and Development Foundation (FRAD)


Future Resilience and Development Foundation (FRAD) is a registered non-profit organization with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) with No CAC/IT/NO/139393 in accordance with the Nigerian Law in 2019. FRAD is a Youth Led organization pioneered and steered by a group of passionate youths that are concerned about community development services to realize the sustainable development goals, We work to promote social service through community development projects that ensure meaningful access to services by the people in need, we aim to build the Resilience of vulnerable population especially women and children to create a safe space for them to feel safer in their homes and communities, and be free from all forms of harm, violence and abuse. Our work channels energy to providing education, Nutrition, WASH, Protection and livelihood services in various forms to equip our participant with sustainable skills to thrive and be resilient. We achieve this through our various humanitarian and development interventions leaving no one behind. FRAD Foundation recognizes that as it was once a product of similar exercise sometimes back, many local organizations lack the strong operational and management systems required to effectively manage and implement activities and programs according to the standards and satisfaction of many donors. Most of these organizations are in need of technical and operational capabilities to function properly and serve as viable vehicles for increasing community resilience and delivering essential support to more underserved and vulnerable hinterland communities. Therefore, FRAD Foundation is targeting organizations in such category where comprehensive capacity building activity that seeks to institutionalize learning. Unlike the traditional approach of organizing periodic capacity building training events, this carefully crafted Organizational and capacity development effort focuses on providing targeted organizational development assistance and training to PWDs organizations in Borno and Yobe states with an emphasis on creating more organizational sustainability and capacity building. This activity directly contributes to the project Strengthening Inclusion and Protection of women and girls living with disabilities within the humanitarian response framework in Borno and Yobe states with key program outcome of Organizations of persons with disabilities, women led organizations, nascent organization with not more than two (2) years with establishment with no history of funding received from the establishment, which means creating positive shifts in the structures and capacities of CSOs to ultimately strengthen their ability to design, implement and monitor locally led initiatives of those organization to champion theirs causes.

The capacity building activity for nascent and emergent, organizations of persons with disability and OPD focused organizations in Borno and Yobe states. The phases will include:

  • Phase 1: During this phase, a team of dedicated organizational development (OD) consultants will work with each selected organization to conduct participatory self-assessments using Standard Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCAs) tool. After the assessments are completed, the consultants will work with each CSO to develop a capacity building action plan that will be used to identify and prioritize areas of systems improvement, training needs, and support to develop management capacity areas such as governance/leadership structures and  financial, organizational, and project management etc.
  • Phase 2: During this phase, each Organization will be under close supervision by the FRAD staff and the Consultant, to ensure full implementation of capacity building action plan designed by the organization and the consultant during the OCA assessment.
  • Phase 3: organizations are expected to carry out a joint need assessment after the capacity building action plan, the selected organization will apply for a grants and/or implement activities (a minimum of one) having fully completed phase 1 and 2. The organizations will apply to Grant and Partnership for a chance to receive a small grant to implement a small initiatives.

Intended Applicants

This call for expressions of interest intends to inform potential applicants from the Borno and Yobe states to engage organizations in the two states that will actively participate in the entirety of Capacity Building program. Organizations that may apply can be from one of the following categories:

  1. Organizations of Persons with Disability (OPD).
  2. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) focus on persons with disability.
  3. Women led organizations (WLOs) with focus on persons with disability.
  4. Youth Led Organization with mandate for disability inclusion.
  5. Community based organizations (CBOs).
  6. Association of persons living with disability.

Applicant organizations must meet the following minimum qualifications to be determined as eligible for consideration for this program:

  • Must be based in one of the states (Borno and Yobe).
  • Must have legal registration with local, state, or federal government of Nigeria entities, such as corporate affairs commission (CAC) or EFCC/SCUMUL certification to operate.
  • Must have a vision, mission, OR values statements that aligns with community work around any of the following areas, including Child protection, Gender Based Violence, Mine Action, or related thematic areas.
  • Must have a staffing structure with a minimum of five (5) staff.
  • With no funding history or grants above 20,000 dollars.

Expectations and Responsibilities

Selected organizations will be expected to:

  • Participate in the entire Capacity Building program
  • Provide enough time for staff to attend trainings and other capacity building events, including Executive Directors/Team Leads that will be well engaged
  • Sign a declaration of commitment and nominate two (02) focal staff who will remain points of contact throughout the spectrum of this capacity building intervention
  • Positively collaborate with other CSOs during the Capacity Building process, remain supportive and share from organizational experience and learning.

NOTE: the FRAD program will ONLY be providing training and technical assistance under this intervention there is no direct funds being provided. All opportunities for funding will happen through application to the Grant and Partnership through an open competition and demonstration of capacity by the organization.

Selection Factors and Ratings

The selection factors listed below are presented by major category, so that applicants will know which areas require emphasis in the preparation of information. Applicants will note that these factors serve as the standard against which all information will be evaluated. However, scores will be based on the specific criteria within these factors that pertains to

Factor 1: Skills and Experience Vision, Mission and Values

  • alignment with FRAD thematic objectives and thematic areas
    • clearly articulated vision, mission, or core values
    • previous activities or engagement that demonstrate stated vision, mission, or values
    • ideas or experience that demonstrate a passion and commitment to supporting and improving local communities

Operations and Program Management

  • presence of administrative and operational processes, policies, and systems
    • demonstrated ability in community involvement
    • demonstrated ability in stakeholder outreach or collaboration
    • demonstrated experience with simple and clear activity reporting
    • demonstrated ability to develop activity/project ideas that are meaningful for their communities

Factor 2: Satisfactory Past Performance/Reference Checks

  • Quality of past performance and commitment to the sector participations

Basis of Rating: Applicants who clearly meet the minimum qualifications will be further evaluated based on scoring of the organizational profile/history template, supporting documents, essay and past performance reference sheets required under the Method of Application Section.

Factor 1 = 50 points

Factor 2 = 50 points

Total Possible Points: 100

Application Closing Date

12:00 am 18th May 2024

Method of Application

Organizations that are interested in this capacity building experience are required to send an expression of interest package with the following:

  1. Cover letter/expression of interest – on letter headed and signed by the Executive Director/CEO. (One page max)
    1. Complete the organizational Expression of Interest bio data form with relevant and updated details as required. All fields should be filled out per the instructions. Include any other proof documents as needed to certify the organization meets the minimum qualifications for eligibility.
    1. An essay of not more than 1000 words (or three pages max) that answers succinctly the following questions:
      1. Why they want to participate in this opportunity
      1. What they will bring to share with other peer organizations
      1. What they hope to gain from the process
      1. How they intend to apply learning after the support
    1. Completed Past Performance or Reference Sheets
    1. Organization “declaration of commitment” to participate throughout the three phases of the FRAD Foundation Capacity Building Program. This should be written on letterhead and signed by ED/CEO (One page max).

Note: Complete package will include the above documents converted into PDF files, properly labelled in a zip folder named FRADCapacityBuildingEOI and sent as attachment not later than 12.00pm 18th May, 2024 to the following email: [email protected]

Link to the bio data form: