Consultancy: Translation Of Farmer Field School For Seed Production And Marketing Training Guide From English Language Into Hausa Lanaguage At Oxfam


facilitators and master trainers are already in English and French, on this note the training guide needs to be translated into Hausa language as community base facilitators will rely mostly on these training guide to deliver the farmer field training school after the ToT.


The project focus is on leaning how seed is being produce and marketed locally and exploring what diversity is available for farmers. To support community-based facilitators, manage the activities of FFS better for effective learning and documentation, the training guide needs to be better understood by the facilitators; and translating this into local language (Hausa) is the most effective way to archive this.


The main objective of this consultancy is to have 10 selected training guides that are necessary for the delivery of the FFS by community-based facilitators translated accurately from English language into Hausa Language in a clear and concise manner for easy understanding by the community-based facilitators and project participants.

Other objectives are:

1. Support the delivery of the ToT with relevant translation of key terms for effective understanding of the ToT by all participants.

2. Provide necessary support as regard English – Hausa translation during the ToT sessions.

Scope of the consultancy:

The scope of this consultancy will include:

1. Translating 10 selected training guides from English to Hausa, this includes all text, figures, and tables in the following documents:

• Stater Kit 18 pages

• Diagnostics Stage 52 pages

• Market analysis 23 pages

• Participatory Variety Selection 12 pages

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Method of Application:

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• At least 3 referees with whom the consultant had done similar work in the past. To [email protected], on or before April 2nd, 2024, by 17:00 (WAT) using the title as the subject of the mail. Questions and clarifications can also be directed to Mohammed Jada at [email protected] before March 25, 2024.

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Equal Opportunity

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