Heartland Alliance LTD/GTE- Invitation To Bid For Security Guarding



1. Background

Heartland Alliance Ltd-Gte is a service-based human rights organization with a global heritage that is established under the laws of Nigeria with a mission to engage as a lead and global player with a variety of stakeholders to create access to opportunities and resources for comprehensive healthcare and social and economic justice for all. Heartland Alliance International (HAI); the global arm of Heartland Alliance or Human Needs & Human Rights, a family of organizations that has been leading anti-poverty and social justice work in Chicago for more than 125 years to provide high quality and stigma-free services for all using a tailored human rights-based approach.

2. Background and purpose of this assignment

The organization operates multiple facilities spread across different locations in nine states of the country including the FCT Abuja serving as the country office and regional office. Each facility in all states; Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Edo, Cross River, Jigawa, Lagos, Niger and Yobe uses Security guarding for safeguard of live and property. These security guards will in turn report to the Security Manager of the organization. All security personnel/guards deployed to HALG office will ensure that they are fully conversant with HALG operations & programmes and its related security requirements. Hence, the security guard will observe/ensure the following

Facility location and layout

i. Security guards will understand the location in relation to the surroundings i.e whether it is peaceful or violent crime prone area and accordingly take necessary precautions.

ii. The security guard will know the locations of Fire Extinguisher, fire alarm system and main control panel (power supply) and will also be fully familiar with their operations.

iii. They will maintain general observation over the perimeter/boundary wall of HALG facilities.

iv. They will caution anyone seen frequently loitering around the HALG perimeter wall facility

v. Security guards will always endeavor to protect HALG assets and properly.



Duties and responsibilities of Guards/Supervisor/Patrol supervisor

1. Report for duly on time as per the shift timings.

2. To ensure that all guards are turned up for duty for the day and report to the security manager.

3. Supervise guards in the performance of their duties as per the post in the office.

. To ensure smooth security operations in HALG offices.

5. Ensure that the guards perform their duties well and to guide them to solve if any problem arises.

6. To ensure that the guards are properly dressed in uniform and check their turnout and bearings.

7. Ensure guards are briefed prior to deployment to various posts & ensure they understand the post order/instructions.

8. Ensure that the SOP’s and the laid down procedures are followed strictly.

9. Ensure that he/she and all other security personnel are aware of the security equipment installed in HALG offices, their purpose, and locations.

10. To act and implement all the instructions and orders given by the security manager.

11. To monitor & instruct the guards to always be in a good ethical manner

12. He should always maintain a high state of alertness & to be vigilant all times

13. Report any unusual activities observed to the security manager immediately

14. To ensure the guards do not misuse HAL G properties/assets

15. Ensure that all necessary incidents are properly documented and recorded.

16. To ensure that the guards do not bring in visitors into HALG offices.

17. Ensure that guards are polite and courteous and firm in their dealings with visitors

18. To ensure that the visitors are screened before allowing them inside the facility.

19. Not to permit any unauthorized items inside HALG office

20. To warmly greet welcome all visitors/participants and check for the purpose of their visit.

21. Patrol supervisors are to regularly patrol all the HALG offices both day & night to monitor the activities of the guard to ensure with Service Level Agreement (SLA) with HALG.

4. Required qualifications: Minimum of Senior Secondary School leaving Certificate (SSCE/WAEC/NECO)


1. The location and movement’s plan of the HALG staff will not be divulged to anyone on telephone.

2. No information about residential address and telephone numbers will be given to anyone.

3. The following information should not be divulged to anyone:

• Telephone numbers; any other information.

• Car makes, color and registration number.

• Location and movement plans.

• Meetings and Conference schedule.

• Site plans of the premises.


The security guards will strictly observe the following:

1. Must be smartly dressed in uniform and vigilant.

2. Must be punctual and arrive 15 minutes before the start of their shifts/duties.

3. Take charge of their duties properly and thoroughly.

4. Perform their duties with honesty and sincerity.

5. Must monitor whether all staff members & others are aware of the site and post instructions

6. Must be of good character & conduct and extend respect to all staff of HALG, donor staff, program participants, clients, and vendors of HALG.

7. Do not receive tips or bribes from anyone.

8. Must not drink on duty and do not allow employees to drink on duty.

9. Must not engage in frivolous discussions while on duty.

10. Must not leave his/her duty post until the reliever comes to the post.

11. Must not sleep while on duty

12. Must not read newspaper or magazine while on duty.

13. Must report all incidences and near miss incidences to the appropriate authorities/HALG security manager for decision making

14. Must ensure proper and effective access in and out of the HALG OSS/facility.

15. Must ensure that HALG assets are well protected within the facility.

16. Must conduct frequent patrol of the HALG office.

17. Endeavour to develop the ability to: –

• Remember important telephone numbers in case of emergencies.

• Identify HALG vehicles by their make, color, and registration numbers.

• Proactive and abreast of security intelligence/information for HALG operational support.


All Heartland Alliance 27 Operation Offices across nine states of the nation which include Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Edo, Jigawa, Lagos, Niger and Yobe

TIME/DURATION: This service is a one-year contract subject to termination and/or renewal.


This position will report directly to the Heartland Alliance Nigeria Security Manager. Interested and qualified organization/firm should submit a detailed proposal to [email protected]


Interested organizations who feel qualified are to submit the following documents:

1. Organizational Profile: Provide an overview of the Proposer’s company including the range of services offered by the Proposer, years in business, number of employees, and a brief company history. (Not more than 10 pages).

2. Evidence of registration/regulation (Certificates) from ALPSPN and NSCDC

3. Experience and Qualification Statement: Submit a list of clients that similar services have been provided for in the last three-five years. Provide contact persons, position, email address, phone number, and dates of service.

4. References: submit 3 reference letters from past clients.

5. Submit proposer contact information including all legal registration documents (CAC, Certificate, CAC Form CO2 and Co7, tax clearance.

6. Cost: submit the cost-of-service execution (clearly stated in detail)

Note: The guards take home salary MUST be a minimum of N50, 000.00 net)

The submission should be sent to [email protected] quoting – “Proposal for security Guarding” as the subject head on or before February 27, 2024.

Only shortlisted organizations will be contacted.