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The EU funded support to demonstrate Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN) programme has been active in Nigeria since 2007 and is now in its second phase. With the support of the EU, EUSDGN has provided technical assistance to deepen democracy in Nigeria, by working on the improvement of electoral processes and providing support to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the National Assembly, Youth, People with disabilities, Women, the media, peace and security, the Judiciary, and Political parties.

The project is organized into 6 components and is implemented by 16 specialized organizations.

The EUSDGN II Project is looking for a specialized service provider in EU Visibility and communities to implement a communications strategy for EU-SDGN in cooperation with the European Union Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS (EUD) and the implementing partners of EU-SDGN.

Expressions of interest are sought from qualified firms to provide the services of Media Engagement and Visibility. The services will run from January 2024 to 30 April 2027 and deliver the following outcomes.

  1. Awareness about the EU-SDGN programme is increased.
  2. The impact of the EU’s support to Nigeria’s democratic governance is documented and communicated.
  3. Opportunities to promote the EU-SDGN brands are used;
  4. The results of the programme are communicated in a timely and professional manner; and
  5. The EU-SDGN program is recognized as one program and its connection to EU recognized.

The activity will be managed by DAI Global Belgium and contribute to the European Union funded project titled: EU Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria Programme (EU-SDGN) Phase II-INTPA/ABV/2021/EA-RP/0086. Interested firms are requested to send their expression of interest to Pokani Musa at EUSDGN [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]  by Tuesday, 31 October 2023.

These should be no more than three pages and include:

  1. A brief description of the firm including a list of previous projects in the communications field (also includes related field like e.g., advertising, branding, public relations).
  2. Brief descriptions of at least [two] communications and visibility projects completed by the firm and values of the contracts/projects, with evidence.
  3. Details of qualified in-house staff.

Shortlisted firms will be notified on Monday, 12 November 2023 and sent detailed proposal instructions.

The selection criteria used for the shortlist are:

  1. The organization specializes in the provision of communication and visibility services.
  2. Experience developing and implementing communication & visibility strategies of development partner national or regional projects.
  3. Preferably projects in democratic governance, elections management, and must have delivered at least two similar projects in the last five years, whose contracts each had a value of at least EUR50, 000 equivalent.
  4. The organization must be registered, located and operating in Nigeria.
  5. The organization must have been in the business of providing communication and visibility services for at least 5 years.
  6. Have demonstrated experience disseminating messages in English and in at least the three (3) main languages of Nigeria.

Key dates are as follows:

  1. Expression of interest deadline: 31 October 2023
  2. Shortlisted firms notified: 12 November 2023
  3. Full proposals due by: 05 December 2023.
  4. Preferred applicant notified by: 31 December 2023
  5. Activity to commence no later than: 05 January 2024