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FHI 360

With funding from the Global Fund, (FHI 360) is supporting the Government of Nigeria on the OST/Mat intervention which aims to provide an opportunity for high-risk opioid users to access methadone and Buprenorphine which will reduce dependence on opioids, ensuring provision of Mat using methadone and Buprenorphine in specialized treatment sites. Specialized equipment and IT accessories are required for methadone dispensing to reduce dependence on opiods. A total of 9 units of laptop computer with appropriate software compatible with the dispensing machine and are required for effective implementation of the Mat pilot in location in Abia, Gombe, Lagos and Oyo states. This will ensure the following outcomes; reduction in number of oploid drug users in the country, leading to a decrease in drug demand and the associated socio-economic and cultural issues. It will also reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality associated with drug use. To this end, FHI 360 is requesting for your quotation to supply and installation of Nine (9) units of automated methadone dispensing machine with accessories and laptops for dispensing control and data capturing as listed in the table of requirement below:

LotDescription of itemProduct numberQty
Lot 1Methadone Pump System316 stainless steel sinker for tubingCompression Nut for ¼’ OD TubingPolypropylene Hosebarb Dispensing TipStand and clamp setTygon Food Grade tubing (50 ft)USB Cable200-METH-1342400-504400-001M400-492400-410400-216400-4109999999
Lot 2Computer, laptop Minimum specification; Intel core i5 10th generation, Memory (RAM); 16GB, storage, solid state drive (SSD) 256GB 9

Please note, the installation location will be provided to the awardee(s)

Please read this section carefully and be sure that all requested information is included in your submission. Evaluators will neither make assumptions nor draw inferences regarding missing or incomplete information. The submission of incomplete information could result in the rejection of proposals.
1. Signed cover letter with registered address, functional email, telephones numbers and point of contact for the organization.
2. Evidence of company registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission, including CAC7 & CAC2
3. Tax clearance certificate for 2020, 2021 and 2022
4. Evidence of possession of experience in similar jobs. Bidders must provide a copy of Purchase Order/Award Letters/contract/signed delivery notes at least 3 similar (Medical Equipment) carried out in the last five (5) years.
5. Evidence of financial capability: Bank reference letter and/or current audited financial statement.

Kindly indicate in your quotation the selection criteria following:
1. Price per each item
2. Delivery timeline/date
3. Payment terms
4. Validity period for the quote
5. Warranty and aftersales support terms
Evaluation stages and percentage weight for selection criteria:
Stage one: conformity to the tender- Proposal must have all documents listed in above (Proposal Requirement). Evaluators will not make inference or assumption for incomplete information or document.
Stage two: technical evaluation- item 4 and 5 section C above (weight 25%) warranty terms including duration (weight 10%), Validity period for the quote (weight 10%), compliance to USG section 889 regulations (weight 25%), applicable to lot 2
stage three: financial evaluation – competitive price/cost ((weight 30%),
We encourage you to submit quotes for all the items listed under each state as this will be considered as added advantage. Kindly send your request for clarification via this email.
Clarification: Bidders must submit request for any clarification and further information concerning this solicitation in writing via email to [email protected] not later than 5pm, September 7, 2023. The title/subject of your email inquiry must be “Enquiry for Automated Methadone Dispensing Machine.

Bidders must submit quotation and the above listed document in one PDF document/file and email to [email protected] not later than 5pm, September 8, 2023. The title/subject of your email inquiry must be “Supply and Installation for Automated Methadone Dispensing Machine. Your quotation should be on the page of the PDF document and must be signed by the authorized person(s) in you in company’s official letterhead.

Please note
Any proposal received by FHI360 after the deadline for submission stated herein shall be disqualified.

FHIS360 anticipates awarding multiple contracts but reserves the right to terminate the RFQ or negotiations at any time prior to award. Issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by FH0360 to award a contract, FHI 360 reserves the right wary any part of this RFP at the time of award if it becomes necessary.

This procurement is funded by the Global Fund and is subject to the applicable rules and regulations.

FH360 is Value added Tax VAT) exempted but deduct Withholding Tax (WHT) in compliance with relevant Nigerian laws.