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Society for Family Health (SPH) is a Nigerian Non-Governmental Organization (NOO) working in partnership with communities’ government, donors and the private sector for universal health coverage and social justice of all Nigerians. We deploy health system strengthening and total market approaches in a bid to unify the private and public health sectors to scale an Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) of good quality to all Nigerian. Our activities focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health (Malaria, Water and Sanitation, Nutrition and Diarrhea control). The mission of SFH is to empower Nigerians, particularly the poor and vulnerable in lead healthier lives.
SFH has offices spread across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and we intend to engage the services of qualified security companies. For this purpose, the security services are divided into four major territories listed below:

TerritoryLot designation
North central/ North EastLot 1
North westLot 2
South westLot 3
South east/South SouthLot 4

Interested companies are to bid for only one for the LOTs mentioned above and the LOT number clearly indicated on the technical proposal document. Non-compliance would lead to disqualification.

SFH intends to engage competent and reputable security companies to provide security services including:
• Protection of life and assets at the SFH head office and regional offices.
• Training and deployment of security guards to SFH offices
• Training of personnel to manage modern security equipment.
• Regular security patrols in and around the organization premises.
The duration for this engagement will be for an initial period of three (3) years with the option of an agreed extension based on documented performance and availability of funds.

The selection criteria include:
1. Pre-qualification Stage
2. Technical and Financial Evaluation Stage

Pre-qualification Stage
To be eligible for consideration, interested companies must submit bid documentation that includes the following;
• Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration of Business Name.
• Evidence of registration with Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.
• Copy of Company’s audited accounts for the years ended 2020, 2021 and 2022 Copy of Tax Clearance Certificates for 2020, 2021 and 2022
• Company profile to include Curriculum Vitae of Directors and key personnel, contact details such as telephone and e-mail address of the company.
• Evidence of previous similar services carried out (to include, Contracts/Service agreements, Memorandum of Understanding. Purchase Orders, Letters of Award/Engagement, Service Completion documentations etc.)

Evaluation and Pre-qualification of firms
• A procurement committee will be constituted to review the submissions and shortlist applicants to proceed to the next stage of Technical and Financial evaluation based on the criteria listed above (as described in 1)
• At this stage, ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ qualifier will be used to rate all the points detailed in “I” and only companies with a ‘YES’ response against all the points detailed in “I” above will be considered for the Technical and Financial evaluation Stage, ie, only companies that satisfy the Pre-qualification requirements will be considered for Technical and Financial evaluation.

Technical and Financial Evaluation Stage
Companies must prepare and submit a Technical and Financial proposal (combined in one document), in accordance with the instructions to bidders below, The Technical and Financial bid review committee set up within SFII will assess the extent to which proposals submitted meet the evaluation criteria that are set forth below.
The Technical and Financial Proposal document should be limited to not more than 10 pages, excluding attachments. Items such as graphs, charts, cover pages, dividers, table of contents, and attachments (ie. key personnel resumes, acknowledgement letters, past performance information, references, organogram) are not included in the 10-page limitation for the Technical Proposal. Legibility, clarity, and completeness are important. The submission of brochures or flyers alone without an accompanying explanation specific to this ITB is not acceptable. The proposal shall be written in English and typed on A4 paper, single spaced with each page numbered consecutively
Technical Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals received in response to this invitation to Bid (ITB) will be evaluated based on the following criteria
• Expertise of the Personnel in the Organization (30 points)
Proposals will be assessed on the extent to which the Company demonstrates the possession of sufficient personnel with the necessary education, training, technical knowledge, and experience for their assigned functions.
• Organizational Capabilities and Past Performance (30 points)
Proposals will be assessed based on the extent to which the bidder’s corporate and institutional capability demonstrates an ability to launch and implement the service terms of reference successfully and quickly. Submissions must be accompanied with evidence of similar services provided in the past (eg. Purchase orders, letters of award/engagement, memorandum of understanding, service contracts/agreements, service completion documentations etc.) Bidders are to provide at least one reference from a previous client who has used the company for a similar security service.
• Financial Management System (20 points)
The proposed approach for financial management must demonstrate effective infernal control systems that include appropriate checks and balances to ensure accountability, timely and accurate financial reporting. demonstrate financial strength and capacity to pay the wages and allowances of the security guards as at when due (include copies of Company’s audited account for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022).

Total Technical Points-80 points

Financial Evaluation Criteria:
Cost Proposals will be analyzed as part of the overall evaluation for reasonableness and competitiveness of proposed rates. Interested Companies are requested to structure their Cost Proposals quoting their wage per guard, wage per supervisor service fee for executing the job Kindly use the template below:

SNDescriptionAmount in Naira
1Wage per guard (per month)
2Wage per supervisor (per month)
3Service fee (per month)
Total fee

Note: the applicable withholding tax will be deducted from your service fee in line with the current statutory revision.
Total financial points = 20 points

Any fee adjustment or variation during the period of the award will be subject to the following conditions:
• Submission of an evidence-based justification for the proposed fee adjustment.
• Your proposed foe adjustment remains the most competitive.
• Consideration of fee adjustment requests will be at the sole discretion of this organization.

Total Technical and Financial Points- 100

1. Bids MUST be submitted electronically to [email protected] : which is the designated e-mail address set up to receive both the prequalification and proposal submissions.
2. The subject of your email with the pre-qualification submission MUST be titled as follows SECURITY SERVICES-PREQUALIFICATION.
3. The subject of your e-mail with the Technical and Financial proposal submission MUST be titled as follows SECURITY SERVICES-TECH/FIN-LOT NO.-Insert LOT No. here-).
4. Each submission must not exceed 10MB, for ease of bid uploading and retrieval.
5. Any e-mail received without this subject title will not be considered.
6. Any submission received by post or hand delivered WILL be disqualified Submissions sent via the designated e-mail MUST be made on or before 5.00pm GMT +1 on Tuesday 25th July 2023.

• This publication can be found on the SFH website, (see bid link in the OPEN TENDER section in the QUICK LINKS column at the foot of the website home page).
• Bidding companies should take account of the expected submission time required and are responsible for ensuring that proposals are submitted (via the designated e-mail) by the due date and time.
• Bids which are submitted late or are incomplete or do not fully respond to this invitation to bid may not be considered in the review process.
• All costs incurred by bidders because of this process and any subsequent requests for information shall be borne by the bidding companies.
• This would include any costs incurred during functional demonstrations and subsequent meetings and negotiations:
• SFH is exempt from paying Value Added Tax (VAT)
• SFH reserves the right to appoint or not to appoint any of the companies as it may deem fit. Any company appointed shall be subject to the terms of engagement upon signing the agreement.
• Only the successful bidders will be contacted.Save this Tender