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Call for Expression of Interest (CFEI) to Bid at Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF)

Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF) is an impartial, neutral, and independent Non-Governmental Organization whose mission exclusively established to promote life in underserved communities through empowering communities to know and protect lives including their environment towards ensuring safe habitation through participatory methodology. AGUF was established in 2008 but was incorporated in the year 2013 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). AGUF exists to partner with government and relevant agencies to promote and strengthen humanitarian law and a universal principle that seeks to honor the dignity of mankind with support and believe that Life is worth living and living well.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Call for Expression of Interest (CFEI)

Location: Yola South LGA, Adamawa
Employment Type: Contract

Background – Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF) First Standard Allocation (Sa1) – Nov. 2022 – Oct. 2023
Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF) invites Call for Expression of Interest (CFEI) to bid from contractors, to be engaged for the following procurement and contractual works:

  • Drilling and completion of 11 new Hand Pump fitted Boreholes, in IDPs Host Communities, schools and health centers in Yola-South LGA, Adamawa State.
  • Drilling and completion of 2 new Solar Powered Boreholes, in IDPs Host Communities of Yola-South LGA, Adamawa State
  • Rehabilitation of 15 dysfunctional Hand Pump fitted Boreholes in IDPs Host Communities, schools, and health centers in Yola-South LGA, Adamawa State.

The details on the terms of the Contracts and Services are as contained in the bidding requirements outlined below:

Tendering Requirements

  • Evidence of registration certificate with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • Evidence of current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years.
  • Evidence of similar jobs conducted and executed by the vendor/company.
  • Evidence of Financial Capability of the vendor/company to execute the project.
  • Evidence of acquisition of specialized construction equipment by the vendor/company (water facility vendors).
  • Evidence of VAT registration certificate and TIN No.

Obtaining Tender Documents

  • The Tender documents for the CFEI are available and obtainable from the office of Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF), located at # MM 5 Crescent, off Gibson Jalo Way, Along Army Barracks, Jimeta. Adamawa State., starting from Friday, 3rd February 2023, from 08:00 Hours – 15:00 Hours daily (with exception of weekends and Public Holidays) and will close on Friday, 10th February 2023. The CFEI tender documents will be obtained for free at AGUF’s office of the above address.

Closing / Opening of Bids

  • Submission of CFEI Tenders closes on Friday, 10th February 2023 by 12 Noon. Bids will be publicly opened by 1.00pm, on the same day at the Board Room of Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF) located at # MM 5 Crescent, off Gibson Jalo Way, Along Army Barracks, Jimeta. Adamawa State.

Submission of Tenders
All duly completed Tender Documents must be submitted in the following prescribed manner:

  • The Tender Technical Qualifications/Requirements is mandatory, to be filled in ink and will be sealed in an envelope and boldly marked “Technical Requirements for Lot … “(as applied for) at the topmost right-hand corner of the envelope with the name and phone number of the vendor/company, boldly written at the back of the envelope.
  • The Priced Bills of Quantity (BoQ) will be in a separate envelope and boldly marked, “Financial BoQ for Lot …” (as applied for)

The two (2) envelopes mentioned in the two bullet points above shall be sealed in a single large envelope and marked “Lot No …” and addressed to:
The Executive Director,
Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF),
# MM 5 Crescent, off Gibson Jalo Way,
Along Army Barracks, Jimeta,
Adamawa State.

Disclaimer and Conclusion
Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF) shall:

  • Not be responsible for any costs/expenses incurred by any interested party(ies) or vendor/company in connection with any response to this invitation for CFEI and/or the preparation or submission in response to any inquiry.
  • Not be committed by this CFEI or construed as a commitment on the part of AGUF as an award of any or all the above listed projects.


  • The requirements listed above in the three bullet points above shall form part of the CFEI bid’s evaluation criteria.
  • The contract shall be awarded to the least, realistic, and most responsive bidder.
  • The factor that shall determine the winning bidder during evaluation shall be the total contract sum and presentation of all the prescribed requirements expressed in the submitted bids, as outlined above.
  • Contact Details for Agaji Global Unity Foundation (AGUF): [email protected] 0803 155 2266