Invitation to Tender – Evidence Management


The Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC), a non-profit organization that promotes increased citizenship participation in governance processes, is implementing a project to strengthen court administration and case management system in the following locations: Plateau, Nasarawa and Kaduna States.  The project aims to improve the capacity of courts in case management and scheduling, control, storage and preservation of evidence, and court administration.

PPDC is an equal opportunity employer and seeks capable and suitably qualified Consultants to help implement the project in the said states.


This is an invitation to Tender for Consultants to implement the CACM project by proving the Organization of Physical Case files & evidence Materials that support cases in the Justice Sector, in support of Court Administration and Case management projects. Table 1 below shows the tender description.

1SubjectOrganization of Physical Case Files and Evidence That Support Criminal Cases in The Justice Sector
2Tender NumberINL/CACM/07-2023
3Location for projectPlateau, Nasarawa & Kaduna State
4Date of Tender23rd January 2023
5Closing date for Tender Submission10th February 2023

Background to the project: The CACM project commenced with a baseline assessment that presents the gaps and recommendations for improvement on the state of Court Administration and Case management system in the mentioned three states.

One of the key interventions is to organize the physical (paper) case files and evidence that support criminal cases in storage boxes and racks. There is an average of 3,000 case files and evidence items in a location.

These case files and evidence(exhibit) items will be stored in Record centres or in the Archives.

The final index to the collections will map the case files and the evidence together and later be stored in an electronic record management system.

The organization process will cover the Terms of Reference (ToR)/Services below.

  1. Inventory of site content
  2. Vacuum/cleaning of casefiles and evidence materials
  • Classify and catalogue with archival providence and security codes.
  1. Storage of files in boxes with tamper control
  2. Arrangement of evidence items on the racks
  3. Develop easy retrieval tools (Indexes) for the collections.

Your proposal to tender should be for the three locations in table 1 above.

Kindly confirm your interest to participate in the bid process by responding to this tender document before 5pm on 10th of February 2023.


The scope of services to be provided by the Consultant includes the following:

  1. Revalidate the baseline assessment report and approved work content for the current state of physical case files and evidence as regards their storage, preservation and control. There is an estimate of 3,000 casefiles in each location.
  2. Give a structured organization approach from Start-up to Requirement analysis, Implementation, Testing, Training, Deployment and Acceptance.
  3. Supply of storage boxes with barcode labels, and tamper tags for the boxes
  4. Provision of usage and tracking management system (conventional & IT) for routine operational services in the Record centres/Archives
  5. Develop relevant policies and standard operating procedures in managing case files and evidence items (with global best practices)
  6. Training of court staff in charge of case files and exhibits to use the classification and indexing systems as tools for improving storage, control and preservation of court records and evidence.
  7. Develop and coordinate an awareness program among the stakeholders and the entire court staff.
  8. Development of maintenance and sustainability plan.


  1. Consultants must have the capability to develop and implement large-scale physical Casefiles and other information resources for the judiciary and other reputable organizations.
  2. Consultants should have verifiable experience in case management projects, archive resource management, records/ Library management, data analysis, administrative control for storage infrastructure management and knowledge of risk assessment/disaster management, business continuity and archiving infrastructure.
  3. Consultants must work within the agreed timeline to deliver best practices in case management and record management.
  4. Consultants must demonstrate the capacity to deliver the project in a cost-effective way.



  1. Evidence of professional experience/status for managing administrative and legal records.
  2. Memorandum and Article of Association of the company
  3. Current Tax Clearance Certificate (evidence of payment of tax for the last two (2) years


  1. Detailed company Profile
  2. Evidence of relevant experience for similar services
  3. Verifiable reference list (at least 2) for whom similar services were/are being executed.
  4. Company’s audited financial reports.
  5. Statement of organization’s core technical competencies and skills available
  6. Details of key manpower including names and short CVs of key professional staff to be deployed.
  7. Name, position, phone number and email address of key contact person
  8. Support, Maintenance and Knowledge transfer like training for administrators/system support team


The bid/tender document must be submitted via email to  [email protected] and [email protected] on or before 5 pm on Friday 10th February 2023.

For any clarifications kindly send a mail to: [email protected]


The vendor must prepare a detailed and final cost analysis of the project based on the work activities listed in the project scope.


Price submission will remain valid for 1 month.


Consultant’s preferred milestone payment terms should be clearly stated in the proposal.


This is to be included in the tender document.


6 months post implementation support