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Invitation to Tender for the Supply of Wood at Solidarites International (SI)

Solidarites International (SI) is a French humanitarian organization which provides aid and assistance to victims of war or natural disaster. For over 38 years the association has focused on meeting three vital needs – water, food and shelter. Currently present in Nigeria since 2016, SI carries out emergency / post-emergency programs in WASH sector in North East region.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Tender for the Supply of Wood

Reference No: CFT-FD-NGA-00501
Location: Maiduguri, Borno

Instructions to Bidders

  • In submitting a tender, the bidder accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions governing this tender as the sole basis of this tendering procedure.
  • The bidder accepts Solidarités’ International General Terms and Conditions of Purchase by default or should include its own Sales conditions in its offer.
  • If the bidder wishes to point out restrictions to Solidarités’ International Purchase Terms and Conditions, such reservations should be clearly explained in a letter included in the offer.
  • Failure to submit a tender containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified may lead to the rejection of the tender.


  • The NGO Solidarités International, as part of its program ‘provision of shelter and NFI assistance to vulnerable conflict-affected households in Borno State, North Eastern Nigeria would like to select one or more suppliers to provide Soap and Plastic item materials.
  • The nature of our operations does not allow us, for the time being, to formalize an agreement on a firm order quantity. Therefore, we cannot at this stage commit to a price estimate or predetermined quantities.
  • Soap and Plastic item materials as part of Non Food Items are considered as general household support items provided to meet the most personal human needs for bedding, provide insulation from ground and protection fromother adverse weather effects, and maintenance of health, privacy and dignity.  
  • It is commonly distributed along with other NFI materialsin line with the shelter/CCCM/NFI Sector technical guidelines.

Purpose of the Call for Tenders

  • The purpose of this Call for Tenders is to solicit competitive offers for the supply of wood.
  • The purpose of this Call for Tenders is to sign a 1 (one) year Framework Agreement on the purchase of wood in the state of Borno, Nigeria.The Call for Tenders aims at selecting reliable supplier(s).
  • Several suppliers can be awarded with a maximum number of two suppliers. We are looking for suppliers who can deliver the required quantities in Maiduguri.
  • Each delivery will be triggered off by an External Order Form issued by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL and will be submitted to the same conditions listed in the chapters below.

Participation in tendering is open on equal terms to any natural and legal persons or company. In any case, whatever the status of the participants to this call for tenders, applicants must comply with the following rules:

  • Not involved in violation of human rights (Slavery, child labor, human trafficking)
  • Not restricted to conduct business by any local, national and international legal bodies
  • Not Involvement in a criminal organization or any other illegal activity as established by a judgment, by the US Government, the EU, the UN, or any other donor.

Opening, Evaluation of Tenders and Selection Criteria

  • The opening and examination of tenders are for the purpose of checking whether the tenders are complete and whether the tenders are generally in order.
  • The subsequent evaluation of the tenders shall be carried out in Maiduguri by an Evaluation Committee made up of representatives of Solidarites International.

Tenders will be evaluated on the criteria listed below:

  • Ability to meet the requirements of the Call for tenders.
  • Compliance with Solidarites International terms and conditions
  • Prices based on the list of items requested and the estimated quantities/value for money
  • Capacity of supply
  • Possibility to have a contingency stock for Solidarites International
  • Quality of the items
  • Core activity of the supplier related to the supply of the sleeping materials
  • Reputation in Borno State area, company location, experience with INGOs
  • Size of the company in terms of Human Resources and Warehouse(s)
  • Company registration documents
  • Payment Terms and Conditions
  • Willingness to enter into a 1-year framework agreement with Solidarites International.
  • Validity of the offer.

In the interests of transparency and equal treatment and without being able to modify their tenders, bidders may be required, at the sole written request of the evaluation committee, to provide clarifications within forty-eight (48) hours. Any such request for clarification must not seek the correction of formal errors or of major restrictions affecting the performance of the contract or distorting competition.

Any attempt by a bidder to influence the evaluation committee in the process of examination, clarification, evaluation and comparison of tenders, to obtain information on how the procedure is progressing or to influence Solidarites International in its decision concerning the award of the contract will result in the immediate rejection of his tender. No liability can be accepted for the late delivery of tenders. Late tenders will be rejected and will not be evaluated.

After the first selection of suppliers, Solidarites International will ask the remaining suppliers to bring a sample or to provide pictures of their items to control if the quality is according to the specifications.  A second and final selection will decide the successful bidder(s).

Content of Tenders
The Tenderer must provide sufficient information in the proposal to demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in each section of this request for proposal. The proposal shall include, as a minimum:

  • “Supplier Questionnaire” duly completed. This questionnaire should be completed with all required information, each page has to be stamped and signed.
  • Proof of company registration in Nigeria.
  • Tax Payer Registration certificate
  • “Quotation” or detailed Price offer with the stock capacity and lead time to be filled in the “supplier questionnaire” section
    • Note that only budgets in Naira will be accepted.
    • Note that only unit price with WHT included will be accepted.
    • Mandatory element in the quotation:
      • Unit price
      • Total Price
      • Currency
      • Lead time to deliver the items (mentioned if the price is transport included)
      • Validity of the quotation
      • Payment method (bank transfer/cash/cheque)
      • Payment condition (100% after delivery, 100% before delivery, 50% after receiving the external order form…)
      • WHT 5% Included
      • Past experience (Name the INGOs)
      • Representative name + Address + phone number
      • Signature + Stamp
      • Date
      • TIN Number
      • Registration Number
  •  “Solidarites International’s Code of Conduct” filled and signed by the duly authorized person on each page.
  • Copy of at least 2 agreements with other INGOs and/or UN Agencies signed in 2021 for the supply of sleeping materials and / or work certificates
  • Copy of the ID of the owner of the company.

Inmportant Informations:

  • Kindly complete the checklist in Annex IV while attaching, signing, stamping the tender documents. Please, note, that in case of 1 missing document or the document which was not stamped and signed, it will be rejected by the Tender Committee.
  • Any documentation related to good environmental practices, type of chemical used, International environmental norms applied, and/or compliance certificate with national and international environmental regulations will be highly appreciated in the file
  • Failure to provide all of the above and in the formats stipulated may result in disqualification of the Tenderer’s proposal.

Application Closing Date
14th February, 2023 at 5:00 PM (Nigeria Time).

Method of Application
Interested and qualified applicants should send their Tender consisting of one (1) Original Paper copy placed in a sealed non-identifiable Envelope titled “Tender for Supply of Wood – CFT-FD-NGA-00501)” with the words “not to be opened before the tender opening session” written in English by personal delivery against receipt to the following address:
Solidarites International – Maiduguri,
Plot No 2605, Along Kari Road,
Adjacent to Halima ENT Hospital,
Damboa road Extension,
Old GRA, Maiduguri,
Borno State, Nigeria.

Between 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
By email via: [email protected] using “CFT-FD-NGA-00501” as the subject of the email.

Click here for more information MS Word

Questions and Clarifications

  • If Solidarites International, either on its own initiative or in response to a request from a prospective bidder, provides additional information on the tender dossier, such information will be communicated simultaneously in writing to all the bidders.

Bidders may submit questions in writing ideally by email, or by post mail, up to three (3) calendar days before the deadline for submission of tenders, specifying the publication reference and the Tender title to the email address: [email protected]
Or at the below address:
Solidarites International – Maiduguri
Plot No 2605, Along Kari Road,
Adjacent to Halima ENT Hospital,
Damboa Road Extension,
Old GRA, Maiduguri,
Borno State, Nigeria.

Between 8:30 am- 5:00 pm – Logistics Office


  • Whichever format is chosen, offers must be received by no later than the Application Closing Date.
  • Late proposals will not be accepted, and will be returned to the Proponent or discarded.  Also, all proposals will be irrevocable after the Call for Tenders closing date.
  • The list of all questions and answers will be available at the SI office or maybe requested by email.
  • Any prospective tenderer seeking to arrange individual meetings with Solidarites International during the tender period may be excluded from the tender procedure.