The Development Exchange Centre (DEC) is a women-focused Non-Governmental Organization established in 1987 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) – IT/10826.

DEC, supported by Bread for the World-Germany (BftW), is implementing a project “Small-Scale Project Fund for Community Based Organizations (CBOs)”- The project will support upcoming, existing formal and informal CBOs with an overall goal of enhancing local organization’s capacities for sustainable development. It will support CBOs focusing on women, Persons with Disability, adolescent girls, and other vulnerable groups to implement their self-determined projects. DEC hereby notifies organized AND functional women groups working at the grassroots level, non-governmental organizations/community-based organizations, and informal functional groups operating in Bauchi, Gombe, and Plateau states of this opportunity for partnership in the following thematic areas:

SnThematic areaFocus
1EducationAdult literacy Adolescent girls Girl-child education
2Economic empowermentVocational/skills acquisition Sustainable agriculture Production
3EnvironmentWater and sanitation Waste management Climate change
4Peace buildingConflict resolution Trauma healing

Each proposed project will be for a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12months only. Much focus will be on functional AND organized women-groups working at the grassroots.

Interested organizations will be categorized as follows:

  1. Category A: groups without a formal registration from any government authority but recognized by and accepted by their communities. They have minimal management structure and are financially self-sustaining through contributions and levies for their activities (‘informal groups’). This category of groups is eligible for projects with budgets between NGN(550,000-2,200,000).
  1. Category B: groups that have partial financial support and some form of legal recognition (such as members of trade unions, cooperatives, and associations), but may not have a structured constitution. Groups here have staff/volunteers, and their activities are financed by member’s contributions and donations. (‘Semi-formal’). This category of groups is eligible for projects with budgets between NGN(2,200,550-2,750,000).
  1. Category C: groups registered with government agencies such as the Corporate Affairs commission (CAC), with a management and leadership structure consisting of staff, management, and directors. The activities are planned and carried out by employees and financed by donations and grants. (‘Formal groups’). This category of groups is eligible for projects with budgets between NGN(2,750,550-3,850,000).

Instructions for submission of concept notes:

1. A form – “Expression of Interest”- for the response to this call can be accessed by sending a mail requesting the form to [email protected] AND [email protected].

2. All completed forms and applications should be placed in sealed A4-size envelope addressed to:

The Local Approval Committee


Please indicate the category (e.g. “Category X”) on the top right-hand corner of envelope.

3. The envelopes should be submitted at DEC head office at No. 5 Kaduna Road, Bauchi, Bauchi state. Submissions will be deposited in a collection box at the entrance of the DEC head office. A register to document submissions will be provided, please ensure to fill the register.

4. The deadline for submission is 4pm (Nigeria), Monday 6th February 2023. After this time, no submissions will be accepted.

All inquiry about this call should be made to [email protected] AND [email protected] with the subject- “SSPF INQUIRY” before Friday 27th January, 2023 after which no further inquiries will be entertained.

DEC reserves the right to reconsider the geographic or sectoral distribution of projects based on the interests of its programming. DEC also reserves the right to discontinue all or part of this call.

DEC brings to the attention of the public that the application and submission process is free of charge. The forms are not for sale, and you are not to give any kind of gratification to access/submit the form. Any organization/group found to either attempt to pay or pay for or give any form of gratification or incentive will be disqualified and blacklisted. You are requested to report any person(s) demanding or requesting payment or gratification for either accessing, submitting, or processing the forms via [email protected].

Only organizations that qualify for the next stage of proceedings will be contacted by DEC.

Women-focused organizations, women groups and women-led organizations are encouraged to apply.