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Nigerian Red Cross Society invites qualified applicants from interested companies and businesses across the country (including current suppliers and service providers) for prequalification for the supply of goods and services to the organization for the year 2023 to 2026 for the following categories:

NRCS-NG-001 Provision of architectural and quantity survey services
NRCS-NG-002 Provision of building and civil engineering works
NRCS-NG-003 Provision of water engineering and borehole development consultancy
NRCS-NG-004 Borehole drilling, equipping & electromechanical works
NRCS-NG-005 Provision of refined petroleum, gasoline and diesel
NRCS-NG-006 supply of lubricants, oils, batteries & consumables for motor vehicles
NRCS-NG-007 Provision of independent Lab inspection, testing and certification of seeds
NRCS-NG-008 Provision of independent Lab inspection and certification of food
NRCS-NG-009 Provision of independent Lab inspection and certification of fertilizers
NRCS-NG-010 Supply of relief non-food items (NFI’s) e.g. shelter, household items
NRCS-NG-011 Supply of relief water & sanitation equipment e.g. pumps, filters
NRCS-NG-012 Supply of WASH hygiene materials e.g. buckets, aqua -tabs, soap, jerry cans
NRCS-NG-013 Supply of relief food items all categories
NRCS-NG-014 Supply of agricultural seeds both indigenous; and exotic
NRCS-NG-015 Supply of agricultural farm tools, equipment’s and fertilizers
NRCS-NG-016 Supply of livelihoods equipment for tailoring, bakery, cosmetics and cosmetology
NRCS-NG-017 Supply of general hardware and construction tools, supplies and equipment
NRCS-NG-018 Supply and hire of audio & audio visual equipment.
NRCS-NG-019 Supply of Conference interpretation services and equipment
NRCS-NG-020 Supply and maintenance of refrigeration, Air-condition equipment.
NRCS-NG-021 Supply, installation of generators, parts and preventative service and repair
NRCS-NG-022 Supply of computers, printers & Information technology input -output equipment.
NRCS-NG-023 Supply of general office stationery
NRCS-NG-024 Supply of office furniture, equipment and accessories.
NRCS-NG-025 Supply of sports equipment, uniforms and jerseys
NRCS-NG-026 Supply of printed office documents including offset, digital and canvas printing
NRCS-NG-027 Provision of graphic design services, illustration and animation
NRCS-NG-028 Supply and production of printed promotional materials e.g. T-Shirts, Caps
NRCS-NG-029 Provision of hotel, accommodation, catering and conference facilities
NRCS-NG-030 Provision of fully furnished apartments
NRCS-NG-031 Provision of real estate agency services
NRCS-NG-032 Supply of pharmaceutical products including first aid kits
NRCS-NG-033 Supply of medical equipment & surgical supplies (non-pharmaceutical)
NRCS-NG-034 Provision of car rental, lease and taxi services.
NRCS-NG-035 Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities for hazardous and non-hazardous items
NRCS-NG-036 Motor vehicle service and repair for Toyota land -cruiser and Prado
NRCS-NG-037 Provision of travel agency services mostly ticketing
NRCS-NG-038 Provision of insurance and brokerage services.
NRCS-NG-039 Provision of customs clearing and transportation forwarding services.
NRCS-NG-040 Provision of security services
NRCS-NG-041 Provision of Legal Services

NRCS-NG-042 Communication
NRCS-NG-043 Logistics and courier services
NRCS-NG-044 Media outlet

NRCS-NG-045 financial service providers

NRCS-NG-046 Provision of custom clearance


  • Fully filled NRCS Supplier Registration From Annex 2
  • NRCS general Terms and condition Annex 1
  • Declaration of undertaking Annex 5
  • Company profile including names and contact details of key personnel
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation must be attached with an active profile
  • Tax clearance certificates for the last 3 financial years
  • Tax identification number (TIN)
  • Audited financial statements for the last 3 financial years
  • Evidence of corporate address, phone number and email addresses
  • Verifiable list of previous and current client on similar services carried out in the recent time to humanitarian organizations including contact names and email

Interested and eligible firms can obtain the documents for prequalification through the Nigerian Red Cross Society website:

A hard copy version must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly labeled “NRCS-NG-2023 Prequalification of Suppliers and Service Providers For 2023-26″ and indicating Category Code and Category Description to the address provided below:

Nigerian Red Cross Society
Plot 589, T.O.S Benson Crescent
Off N. Okonjo-Iweala
Utako District
Abuja, Nigeria

For more information, kindly contact the team through the below email address

[email protected];

The closing date for submission is 28th Feb, 2023 by 10:00am. Documents submitted after the closing date and time may be rejected. Kindly note that the pre-qualified suppliers will be used for projects that are supported by NRCS partners and donors such as IFRC, ICRC, UN Organizations

NRCS is not requesting any money for this exercise and will not be responsible for any payment made to 3rd parties or expenses incurred in connection with response to this invitation for prequalification. NRCS is not bound to shortlist any submission and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without incurring any liabilities.