Request for Quotes for Installation of an Internet and CCTV Backup Power At OKAPI NET FOUNDATION

Description: Installation of an Internet and CCTV Backup Power
Reference Code: ONF/22/04-Internet and CCTV Power Backup
Date of Issue: 4
th October 2022
Deadline of submission: 14th October 2022
1 power
i. Tubular battery 220 Amph24v
ii. Poly crystal solar panel 250 watt
iii. Charge controller MPPT 120 AMP
iv. Connection cable 10mm
v. Inverter 2.4kva 24v
vi. Battery rack

  1. Soft copied Quotes should be addressed to [email protected] and also company’s
    profile with the reference no as the subject code.
  2. All quotes must be submitted before COB of Friday 14th October 2022. Bids submitted
    after the deadline will not be accepted.
  3. Vendors can also submit hard copy of sealed bids addressed to Okapi Net Foundation
    office No 5 Talba Road, opposite state hotel. Maiduguri, Borno state