The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) intends to update its list of suppliers/contractors/consultants suitable to supply goods to provide services and/or execute civil works, as may be required for the implementation of FAO activities in Nigeria. Interested firms wishing to register as FAO vendors, are hereby invited to do so at the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website ( specifically indicating that they register as FAO local/International suppliers for Nigeria.

Once at the above website, interested companies should complete an on-line registration form, following the detailed instructions available at the same website, FAO registered vendors will be regularly invited to participate in future FAO tenders.

Companies which have already been registered as FAO suppliers/contractors/consultants are strongly encouraged to undertake this same registration to update their contacts (address, phone, e-mail, etc.) and business activities when needed.

The categories of goods, works and services FAO regularly procures are as follows:

(1) Field crop seeds (such as Sorghum, Millet, Maize, Groundnuts, Sesame etc.)(2) Vegetable seeds (such as Tomatoes, Okra, Onion, Watermelon, Cucumber etc.)(3)   Agricultural tools, equipment and other farm inputs;(4)   Livestock supplies (such as veterinary drugs, vaccines, community health equipment kits etc.);(5)  Water and irrigation equipment (such as submersible pumps, vertical water pumps, water tanks, pipes and accessories);(6) Field equipment such as plastic sheets, tarpaulin, mosquito nets, blankets, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, etc;(7)          Construction materials;(8)          Protective wear and equipment;(9) Generators, pumps and related equipment;(10)        Computers, photocopiers & other IT related accessories;(11)        Air conditioning equipment;(12)        Office furniture and furnishing;(13)        Office stationery and printed materials (calendars, cards, diaries, etc.};(14)        Office equipment;(15)        Fuel & lubricants;(16)        Motor vehicles and motorcycles;(17)        Electrical components and fittings;(18)        Vehicles spare parts;(19)      Car accessories (batteries, tires & tubes, etc.)(20)        Fire-fighting equipment;(21)        Branded items (name (shirts, T-shirts, caps, tags, cups, pens, brochure holders);(22)        Network equipment (routers, switches, network cards, network cards, etc.};(23)        Inverters and batteries;(24)        Mobile phones and accessories;(25)        Water hygiene equipment and filters;(26)        Garden and lawn maintenance;(27)        Rental of warehouses and stores;(28)        Supply of 20- and 40-foot containers and prefabricated buildings;(29)        Supply of guts sacks and plastic sacks for seed packing and trees nursery;(30)        Supply of plastic and aluminum packing materials;(31)        Other(1)          Motor vehicle and Motorcycle repair and servicing;(2)          Air transport — freight/cargo;(3)          Car rental services;(4)          Repair and servicing of generators:(5)          Repair and servicing of air conditioners;(6)          Servicing of fire extinguishers;(7)          Fumigation and rodent extermination;(8)          Clearing and forwarding;(9)          Mechanical and electrical maintenance(10)        Office furniture repair;(12)        Maintenance and repair of computer equipment, printers, scanners, network equipment, etc,(13)        Servicing of communication equipment(14)        General building/property maintenance works including painting, plumbing, etc,(15)        Provision of security services;(16)       Packing, forwarding, loading, unloading services in Nigeria;(17)        Legal services;(18)        Catering services (conferences, workshops, training courses);(19)        Provision of insurance services;(20)        Provision of security services;(21)        Road transport -freight/cargo;(22)        Translation services;(23)        Advertising services;(24)        Consultancy and Training services;(25)        Recruitment agencies;(26)        Express mail and courier services inside and outside Nigeria;(28)        Cleaning services for offices and FAO utilities;(29)        Plant protection and pest management;(30)        Superintendence, laboratory testing quality control services for seeds, hand tools, etc(31)        Electrical services and maintenance(32)    Other(C) CIVIL WORKS(1) Construction of new buildings and related works;(2)   Construction of prefab buildings and related works;(3)   Rehabilitation of old/existing buildings, irrigation and other infrastructure, and related works;(4)          Refurbishment of premises/offices(5)          Other


Companies which have completed their on-line registration are kindly requested to notify FAO of their UNGM registration number at the following e-mail address on [email protected]