DUE DATE: JUNE 16, 2022

The U. S. EMBASSY ABUJA has a requirement for a vendor to provide warehousing space in Abuja. The expected warehouse shall have:

  • Space size not smaller than 1,500 Sq meters in size
  • The warehouse should have shelving available as needed or the contractor should be ready to construct shelves within the warehouse space
  • The space is expected to conform with US Embassy safety and security requirements which include but not limited to:
  1. Minimum two doors equipped as pedestrian emergency exists within the warehouse.
  2. Property must have power supply with light bulbs, fans and be properly ventilated. In the case of poor ventilation, property must have extractors for air quality.
  3. Property shall have fire alarm detection and fire suppression system (minimum availability of portable Fire Extinguishers) to ensure safety of items in the warehouse.
  4. Electrical wirings in the warehouse should be properly insulated to avoid electric shock.
  5. Doors must be secured for safety of items.
  6. Building should have lightening/thunder detectors visible on the roof or earthed on the ground.

Duration of Warehouse use is one year commencing in June and likely renewable.

You are invited to submit a quotation/proposal.

The evaluation criteria for this requirement will include price, technical acceptability and past performance.

For a valid quote/proposal., please note the following: 

  1. Please include performance schedule, specifications, samples/pictures/complete drawings, shipment weights/dimensions along without prices – Quote should be a different document
  2. Vendor must state BOLDLY if offering alternatives.
  3. All responses and quotes on this RFQ MUST be sent by email to [email protected] with the following subject line  “RFQ #PR10760051 – TPU Warehouse
  4. Vendors must state delivery terms (How long it will take to deliver).
  5. Due to new Government requirement for offerors to comply with the new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in accordance with FAR 52.204-24, FAR 52.204-25 and FAR 52.204-26, please you are required to complete the attached form and send along with your quote. Any offer not accompanied by this form will NOT eligible for award.
  6. Deadline for offer submission is June 16, 2022.
  7. Quote shall not cover Agency Fee
  8. Please include your Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) Number (that replaced DUNS Number) and your valid SAM Registration/Certification.
  9. Each offer must be in two separate attachments as below:
  1. Technical Proposal: Which includes your complete specifications, delivery schedule, as well as  your past experience in warehousing and current clients, etc.
  2. Financial Proposal

FAR 52.212-4 (Commercial Items) as well as Net 30 Payment Terms. apply to this RFQ.

Unsuccessful offerors may not be contacted.

Oral quotations will not be accepted.