Invitation to Tender – Supply of Shelter Construction Materials at Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps Nigeria

Mercy Corps invites interested and qualified suppliers / vendors to submit bids for the Supply of the following works:

Mercy Corps is an international relief and development organization working in over 40 countries worldwide helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Mercy Corps in Nigeria implements a variety of programs with the ultimate goal of building productive, secure and just communities. Since 2012 Mercy Corps and Corporate Fund have been developing a strong and productive relationship that seeks to “power sustainable social and business progress through cross-sector collaboration and improve the lives of people and their communities in our shared geographies”. In recognition of the nearly two billion people now living in countries where our partnership goals are threatened by fragility, conflict and violence, corporate fund adopted Mercy Corps as one of its Global Emergency and Disaster Relief Partners.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Invitation to Tender – Master Agreement for the Supply of Shelter Construction Materials in Different LGAs & Districts of Borno State

Tender No:

Mercy Corps is pleased to invite qualified suppliers to submit bids for the Supply of shelter construction materials to LGAs and districts across Borno State – Northeast Nigeria. The successful suppliers will sign a framework agreement (Master Agreement) with Mercy Corps for a period of two (2) years under an agreed fixed price and delivery locations within Borno State. The suppliers will be engaged under this Master Agreement through the issuance of Purchase Order or Task Order whichever suits the program requirement. Mercy Corps chooses to hold competitive bid for selection of companies/contractors, who will implement our requirements. We believe that competitive bids are the only way to fairly select the best company for the job while ensuring good prices and preventing collaboration and corruption.

The process for the issuance of PO or TO is further explained below:

  • Purchase Order (PO) – For in-kind supply of shelter construction materials, the supplier(s) will be issued a PO, detailing the items required and delivery location within a specified period of time. The items and the price are adapted from the signed framework (Master Agreement)
  • Task Order (TO) – For voucher modalities, the supplier will be issued a Task Order detailing the materials required and unit prices, the items can be grouped as kits or pieces whichever is the project requirement, the supplier will accept electron commodity vouchers issued by Mercy Corps to its participants in a given location for exchange using e-platform provided by Mercy.

Material Descriptions

  • Crushed Aggregate #67 size from 3/4″ grade granite for fill, road and slab base and crushed aggregate #57-size of about 3/4″. For concrete, asphalt mix, driveway.
  • Sharp sand texture for concrete work from river side.
  • Bama gravel for concrete work from river side.
  • Ordinary Portland cement 50KG packed in polybag (Dangote, Bua or Ashaka or equivalent)
  • 50 x 100 x 3600mm well-seasoned hard-wood timber (Obeche or Oro)
  • 100 x 100 x 3600mm well-seasoned hard-wood timber (Obeche or Oro)
  • 50 x 75 x 3600mm well-seasoned hard-wood timber (Obeche)
  • 50 x 10 x 3600mm well-seasoned hard-wood timber (Oro) battens
  • 100 x 50 x 3600mm well-seasoned hard-wood timber (Obeche) purlin
  • 25 x 300 x 3600mm well-seasoned hard-wood timber fascia board (Oro)
  • China Nylon thread twisted rope 6mm x 30m roll 3-stranded twisted rope
  • Used engine oil (diesel or petrol vehicle or electric generator engine)
  • 10mm diameter bar 12000mm length high yield steel – grade 415 – 460
  • 600 x1800mm (0.2mm Thickness) corrugated galvanized iron sheet (zinc coated)
  • Ridge cover 0.20mmx300mmx1800mm
  • Long span plain aluminum roofing sheet (0.55mm) thickness
  • Common wire nails 4″ Soft Steel nails for wood
  • Common wire nails 3″ Soft Steel nails for wood
  • Common wire nails 2″ Soft Steel nails for wood

Supplier Eligibility
Suppliers may not apply, and will be rejected as ineligible, if they:

  • Are not registered companies
  • Are bankrupt or in the process of going bankrupt
  • Have been convicted of illegal/corrupt activities, and/or unprofessional conduct
  • Have been guilty of grave professional misconduct
  • Have not fulfilled obligations related to payment of social security and taxes
  • Are guilty of serious misinterpretation in supplying information
  • Are in violation of the policies outlined in Mercy Corps Anti Bribery or Anti Corruption Statement
  • Supplier (or supplier’s principals) are on any list of sanctioned parties issued by; or are presently excluded or disqualified from participation in this transaction by: the United States Government or United Nations by the United States Government, the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United Nations, other national governments, or public international organizations.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be registered in Nigeria with evidence of registration attached.
  • Must have recognized bank account (Mercy Corps will make all payments in bank through bank transfers).
  • Must be able to accept 100% payment after delivery of goods.
  • Must have a Tax identification number (TIN) with evidence of registration with FIRS attached. (Note that Mercy Corps in Nigeria deducts withholding tax in accordance with government regulations.)

Application Closing Date
5:30pm (WAT), 30th May, 2022.

Submission of Documents
Tender should be submitted in sealed envelope to:
No 38 Kinshasa Road,
Old GRA,
Maiduguri – Borno State.

Email: [email protected]

Tender Basis

  • All offers shall be made in accordance with these instructions, and all documents requested should be furnished, including any required (but not limited to) supplier-specific information, technical specifications, drawings, bill of quantities, and/or delivery schedule. If any requested document is not furnished, a reason should be given for its omission in an exception sheet.
  • No respondent should add, omit or change any item, term or condition herein.
  • If suppliers have any additional requests and conditions, these shall be stipulated in an exception sheet.
  • Each offeror may make one response only.
  • Each offer shall be valid for the period of [two years] from its date of submission.
  • All offers should indicate whether they include taxes, compulsory payments, levies and/or duties, including VAT, if applicable.

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