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Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) – Development of the MNCH Commodity Integration Playbook

Reference No:

The Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project implemented by Chemonics International has released Request for Proposals (RFP) No GHSC-PSM-TO4-2022-01 to solicit eligible organizations to develop a MNCH Commodity Integration Playbook. The objective of this activity is to assist countries to establish systems and processes to improve the uptake of new or underutilized Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) commodities or commodity formulations and to guide governments in updating and tailoring MNCH commodity management strategies and subsequent supply chain operations.

The MNCH Commodity Integration Playbook will assist national stakeholders with decision-making and process improvements to increase affordable, quality-assured MNCH commodities at points of service.

N/B: The authorized USAID Geographic Code for this RFP is 935. The applicable NAICS codes are 923120, 423450, 541990.

Scope of Work

Under this scope of work, the subcontractor shall:

  • Develop a Playbook to provide guidance on the various considerations that ministries/supply chain management leaders need to factor into a commodity transition plan to ensure that all levels and actors are prepared and take the necessary steps to implement a seamless integration of new products.
  • Assist with pilot of the Playbook in two countries to generate evidence and lessons learned to integrate into the final version of the Playbook.

The activities that will allow the subcontractor to meet the above stated objective are described below:

  • Conduct a literature review:
    • Subcontractor should identify and incorporate existing, evidence-based guidance on commodity transition and integration of new commodities into national supply systems.
    • The subcontractor shall conduct a review of existing materials developed by international and local NGOs, academic and research institutions, and the private sector to be incorporated into the Playbook.
    • Guidance and standards from WHO and other standard-setting bodies should be reviewed and included to legitimize approaches and tools in the Playbook.
  • Hold consultative meetings to solicit input from experts in MNCH community and GHSC-PSM technical teams.
  • Develop the Playbook which should be designed to be customized for an individual country context:
    • Following the solicitation of information from technical experts, the subcontractor shall develop an outline and two drafts of the Playbook for GHSC-PSM to review.
  • Assist with pilot of Playbook in two countries;
    • Travel to countries to test Playbook approach and context and conduct in-country workshops with relevant stakeholders.
    • The subcontractor shall integrate pilot learnings into final Playbook and submit to GHSCPSM.

Application Closing Date
5:00pm (EST) 15th April, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Offerors shall submit their offers electronically to: [email protected]


  • The Offeror must submit the proposal electronically with up to 3 attachments (5 MB limit) per email compatible with MX Word, MS Excel, readable format, or Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format in a Microsoft XP environment.
  • Offerors must not submit zipped files.
  • Those pages requiring original manual signatures should be scanned and sent in PDF format as an email attachment or signed be using e-signatures.

Click Here (PDF) for a detailed description of the RFP.